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Unitirreno Submarine Network Completes Successful Marine Survey, Paving the Way for Enhanced Connectivity

This milestone marks a crucial step towards the development of new infrastructure, strengthening Italy’s influence as a prominent network gateway into Europe

... We are now equipped with invaluable data and insights that will guide the subsequent stages of our cable deployment.”
— Renato Brunetti, CEO of Unitirreno

ROME, ITALY, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Unitirreno Submarine Network S.p.A. (“Unitirreno”) today announced the successful completion of the marine survey for its new subsea cable network system. The comprehensive marine survey carried out by Elettra TLC S.p.A. (“Elettra”) marks a significant milestone in the company’s plan to deliver the first repeatered 24-pair fiber optic Open Cable system in the Mediterranean region.

The project will now enter into its next phase, commencing the manufacturing process for the cable, repeaters and branching units by Alcatel Submarine Networks (“ASN”). Additionally, Unitirreno is in final stages of preparations for landings in Genoa, Fiumicino (near Rome), Mazara del Vallo (Sicily) and Olbia (Sardinia). The Unitirreno network’s Ready for Service (RFS) date is on schedule for Q2 2025.

This subsea cable project aims to enhance connectivity and provide robust telecommunications infrastructure, catering to a growing demand for reliable high-speed data transmission. Unitirreno will offer an alternative route into Europe through the Meditirranean by establishing a vital link between Genoa to Italy’s main data center hub in Milan with express subsea routes into Rome, Sicily and Sardinia bolstering communication networks and supporting the digital development of Italy as a major gateway into Europe.

Renato Brunetti, CEO of Unitirreno said, “We would like to express our gratitude to the dedicated team of experts and technicians from Elettra TIC, S.p.A. who diligently carried out the marine survey. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the successful completion of this crucial phase of the project. We are now equipped with invaluable data and insights that will guide the subsequent stages of our cable deployment.”

Didier Dillard, President and CEO of Elettra said, “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Unitirreno on this strategic subsea cable project. Through utilization of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we conducted comprehensive geophysical and geotechnical investigations. This meticulous approach ensures that the subsea cable will be designed and implemented with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Paul Gabla, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of ASN said, “ASN is delighted to embark on the next phase of Unitirreno's submarine network development, which involves the production of cables, repeaters, and branching units. We extend our gratitude to Unitirreno and its esteemed industrial and financial partners for choosing ASN to provide our cutting-edge technology for this innovative system."

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