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Social Impact Fiction: New Emerging Book Genre on the Rise

SocialImpactFiction.com Website with links to 33 suggested Social Impact Fiction books worth reading

Find 33 Titles Worth Reading at SocialImpactFiction.com

Emerging fiction category features narratives that promote reflection and action, fostering empathy and positive change.

The formal recognition of Social Impact Fiction could help ensure these transformative novels secure a distinct place on bookshelves and in the minds of readers.”
— Yiannis Lagos, a spokesperson for Living Harmony

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA, U.S., September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- As societal challenges intensify around the world, a new fiction genre is emerging: Social Impact Fiction. Featuring narratives that not only entertain but also promote reflection and action, Social Impact Fiction is fostering empathy and positive change.

What is Social Impact Fiction?

Social Impact Fiction is defined as long-form novels that delve deeply into critical societal issues. Themes addressed may encompass racial and gender inequality, immigration, cultural identity, socioeconomic struggles, child abuse, labor rights, mental health, domestic violence, environmental concerns, animal rights, and more.

Interest and Credibility for the Emerging Genre Grows

The emergence of Social Impact Fiction is timely, with interest in the genre rapidly increasing as readers immerse themselves in the lives of multifaceted characters confronting significant challenges, encouraging profound introspection. Its transformative power resonates on both personal and societal levels.

One notable example is Colleen Hoover’s international bestseller, "It Ends with Us," published in 2016. Hoover explores abuse and its wide-ranging impact, prompting readers to examine traumatic relationships. This sparked millions to share their experiences on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram using #BookTok.

In 2022, Time magazine reported, “Hoover fans can’t stop reading her trauma-filled novels,” with some online readers noting, “books like 'It Ends With Us' have shifted their perspective on domestic violence, helping them understand why a battered partner might struggle to leave an abuser they still love.” Drawing from her personal experiences, Hoover continues to garner global attention for crucial contemporary issues, with her books being translated into over 30 languages and counting.

Recognition and Awards

The genre gained more recognition in 2017 when the Aspen Institute, in collaboration with NPR Books, introduced the Aspen Words Literary Prize. The $35,000 annual award for “fiction with social impact” continues each year, thanks to an endowment in perpetuity by an anonymous donor.

The Call for a New Classification

While books with such themes have long been in existence, an official classification for this genre is still in its infancy. Bowker’s “Books in Print” and Amazon currently offer two distinct sets of more than 20 genre fiction categories, with neither including “Social Impact” as a designated category.

Living Harmony Co. is advocating for the creation of a new classification coinciding with the English and Spanish paperback release of its international bestselling eBook, "The Book of Harmony: Awakening." Part 1 of the planned Social Impact Fiction trilogy is now available on Amazon's global marketplaces and directly through the company for trade and bulk orders.

List of Social Impact Titles Worth Reading

For those interested in adding Social Impact Fiction titles to their upcoming reading lists, Living Harmony has curated a “List of 33 Social Impact Fiction Books Worth Reading,” featuring a diverse mix of classics and contemporary titles that may strike a chord.

About Living Harmony Co.

Living Harmony Co. is a conscious social-impact organization on a mission to promote harmony, love, and compassion across the world. Through the power of storytelling and its Love Drops™ brand and movement, the company is dedicated to inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to make a positive difference in the lives of people, animals and the environment.

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