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Morningbird Media Receives SBIR Award from the National Science Foundation to Develop Spacetime Distortion Technology

Dr. Chance Glenn in the ESD Laboratory conducting an interferometer test

Dr. Chance Glenn in the ESD Laboratory conducting an interferometer test

Company receives prestigious award to see if a science fictional "warp drive" can be realized based on Alcubierre metric and complex dielectric materials.

VICTORIA, TEXAS, USA, September 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Morningbird Media Corporation, a leading technology development company, is excited to announce its selection for a prestigious Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The contract, titled "A Fully Electric Space Vehicle Propulsion Engine," will facilitate the development of Experimental Spacetime Distortion (ESD) technology, a groundbreaking concept in space vehicle propulsion.

Dr. Chance M. Glenn, Founder and CEO of Morningbird Media Corporation and a professor at the University of Houston, Victoria, is the visionary inventor of ESD. ESD involves the manipulation of spacetime fabric to achieve propulsion, potentially revolutionizing space travel and exploration with unprecedented efficiency and speed.

"Words can not adequately express our excitement for the opportunity that has been afforded us," said Dr. Glenn. "In addition to the validation this brings, this NSF SBIR Phase I award will enable us to explore the immense potential of ESD technology and bring us closer to perhaps realizing a faster than light space vehicle propulsion engine."

The NSF SBIR Phase I contract, commencing on September 1, 2023, provides $272,800 in funding over one year to support Morningbird Media Corporation's research and development efforts. The company's expertise in innovative technology solutions, including the Electronic Alchemy eforge, a 3D printer capable of producing functional electronic devices, uniquely positions it to drive advancements in space propulsion technology.

To facilitate the project, Morningbird Media Corporation will utilize laboratory facilities to conduct experiments and tests related to ESD technology. This strategic approach will enable focused and efficient research, bringing the company one step closer to the realization of a functional ESD-based space vehicle propulsion engine.

With a deep commitment to groundbreaking innovation, Morningbird Media Corporation aims to reshape the future of space exploration and drive advancements that contribute to scientific knowledge and discovery on a global scale.

About Morningbird Media Corporation:
Morningbird Media Corporation is a renowned technology development company recognized for its innovative products, including the Electronic Alchemy eforge. With a mission to push the boundaries of technology and scientific exploration, the company is dedicated to driving progress in space propulsion and other transformative fields.

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