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Empowering Advertising Businesses: BidsCube Launches White-Label Ad Exchange PRO

BidsCube Ad Exchange PRO

BidsCube Ad Exchange PRO

BidsCube introduced Ad Exchange PRO, a comprehensive solution that reshapes ad tech and allows partners to amplify their business growth several times.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- After the launch of Ad Exchange ‘Lite,’ which revolutionized the entry point for establishing ad businesses in early 2023, Bidscube is announcing the release of its new solution – BidsCube's Ad Exchange PRO. This launch marks a significant landmark in the advertising industry, allowing partners to scale their businesses to new heights and multiply their growth potential.

Retaining the attributes that made Ad Exchange ‘Lite’ beloved by customers – fault tolerance, extensive functionality, and seamless community integration with over 200 companies, the Ad Exchange PRO takes this experience to new heights. It comes equipped with a range of PRO features designed to enhance income growth:

- Upgraded Optimization Toolset helps unlock ad business's full potential with an advanced suite of optimization tools, ensuring campaigns achieve peak performance.

- Enhanced System Monitoring Panel helps to stay in complete control of operations through real-time insights into the platform's performance.

- Raw Bidstream Data Access gains a competitive edge by accessing raw bidstream data, enabling more profound insights and informed decision-making.

- Enhanced Ad Ops makes it possible to experience a 3-4 times improvement in efficiency with the Traffic Bridge feature, streamlining processes for maximum productivity.

- Expanded Payment Options in the Ad Exchange PRO offers new payment options, providing flexibility and convenience in managing financial transactions.

- Unlimited Traffic Scanners tailor platform with unlimited traffic scanners, ensuring the highest ad quality and security standards.

- A Transparent Scaling Model can confidently embrace growth, as the Ad Exchange PRO presents a transparent and seamless scaling model that aligns with your expanding business needs.

Companies looking to embark on their ad business journey with a user-centric platform can request a demo now. Visit BidsCube’s website for detailed information about the Ad Exchange PRO and its transformative capabilities.

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