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Sompo Horizon licenses The Helper Bees' aging-in-place network for the launch of its caregiving services for employees

The Helper Bees network of providers will be integrated into CareGo, a new portal provided to employers to aid family caregivers

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sompo Horizon, a new employee benefits caregiving provider and subsidiary of Sompo Holdings, is announcing it will license The Helper Bees' aging-in-place platform as part of its CareGo portal. Designed for employers and benefits brokers, the CareGo portal offers caregiving services to employees who find themselves caring for aging family members — a phenomenon that will only increase as more than 80 million people in the U.S. are expected to be over the age of 65 by 2040. As a result of the collaboration, Sompo Horizon will integrate The Helper Bees software and extensive network of service providers into its CareGo portal, making it easy for employees to find and access caregiver support.

"The U.S. aging population is rapidly growing and many workers find themselves struggling to meet the demands of caring for older family members, while also keeping up with their work and self-care," said Nicole May, EVP Sales & Marketing of Sompo Horizon. "The CareGo portal is an important benefit for employers to provide to their employees, many of whom need help when navigating the complexities of caring for aging family members."

Founded in 2015, The Helper Bees serves as America's leading aging-in-place platform. Its technology platform, called homeAlign, is already being licensed by Fortune 500 organizations and payers to power credentialing, fulfillment and reimbursements for a variety of in-home services. Companies can also access The Helper Bees nationwide network of 20,000+ service providers who address the social determinants of health by providing personalized, non-medical services that make the aging journey more simple for caregivers and the older adults they care for. The homeAlign platform will be seamlessly embedded into the CareGo platform, offering employees access to the following types of services:

  • Home healthcare
  • Home safety/modifications, meal and food delivery, transportation
  • Meal and food delivery services
  • Transportation
  • Pest control
  • Virtual products

Importantly, the CareGo portal remains available to the employee even if they should switch jobs or leave the workforce.

"Caregiving for aging adults is not an easy role, and it almost always takes a financial and emotional toll on individuals," said Dr. Char Hu, Ph.D, CEO and co-founder of The Helpers Bees. "We're excited to partner with Sompo as they enter the U.S. market and provide innovative solutions through employer benefits. We're looking forward to learning from them since they are one of the most well-known insurers and providers of aging care in Japan."

Sompo Horizon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sompo Holdings, which is a global insurance and healthcare organization, and a leading nursing care service provider in Japan. Sompo Care is the subsidiary of Sompo Holdings providing the nursing care services in Japan, working with the country's aging population.

For more information about Sompo Horizon and the CareGo portal, visit For more information about The Helper Bees, visit

About Sompo Horizon
Sompo group is a Japanese conglomerate with businesses in financial services, insurance and healthcare sectors. We have gained extensive experience in developing solutions for seniors and our mission is to promote security, health and well-being globally. Sompo Horizon, a newly established subsidiary of Sompo Holdings, was launched to develop innovative products and services to address caregiving challenges and transform the way people care for themselves and each other. Our first solution is CareGo, a comprehensive digital platform, concierge support service, and partner network that empowers caregivers to make the best decisions for their loved ones while saving time, money and alleviating stress.

About The Helper Bees
The Helper Bees is America's leading aging in-place platform, enabling older adults to remain in their homes and live independently. Through our technology, we make it easy for insurers to close the care gap and empower older adults to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Whether it's meal delivery, lawn care, or transportation, our all-in-one provider network is rigorously vetted and already integrated into most Long-term Care and Medicare Advantage insurance plans. We've helped millions of Americans retain their independence by facilitating non-medical in-home care, while solving for the administrative burdens of credentialing, fulfilling and reimbursements for insurers — all while reducing costs. Founded in 2015, The Helper Bees is proudly revolutionizing aging in-place. Let us help you:

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