Recent Articles
  • June 12: Sketch, Maria

    Maria Craig from Madison sent us our sketch for Thursday.  Love the bee Maria!  Keep up the good work.

  • June 5th: Sketch, Lynne Maxwell

    Lynne Maxwell from Madison sent us a picture of a nice summer day for Thursday.  Thanks for sending it in Lynne.

  • Sketch: May 30th, Izabella

    Izabella Little from Huntsville sent us a sketch that matched our weather perfect.  Beautiful sketch Izabella!

  • Sketch: May 29th, Iyanha

    Iyanha Jones from Huntsville sent us a beautiful playground picture for Thursday.  Hope to see you at our monthly sketch the sky party.

  • Sketch: Mar. 16th, Rachel

    Rachel McCown from Huntsville sent us the perfect picture to use on a Friday.  We might be experiencing a Blackberry Winter for the moment but this nice spring sketch has us looking forward to warmer days ahead.  Great work Rachel!

  • Sketch: Apr. 21st, Jenna

    We got to start the week off with a cool sketch of a bird from Jenna.  Great work there!  We hope to see you at our next Sketch the Sky party!

  • Sketch: Apr. 21st, Trevan

    Trevan Smithey from Moores Mill finishes out this week with a nice green field.  Great picture to start our weekend off with Trevan.  Thanks!

  • Sketch: Apr. 17th, Alyzea

    Alyzea Aguero from Hartselle sent us a nice family sketch.  We think your picture goes well with the nice spring weather we are having.  Thanks Alyzea!  

  • Sketch: Apr. 15th, Rebekah Nichols

    Rebekah from New Market sent us a nice spring day complete with a field full of flowers.  Thanks!

  • Sketch: Apr. 14th, Drake Bagby

    One of our viewers from Fayetteville, TN sent us our sketch for Monday this week.  Great sketch Drake!  See you at the party!

  • Sketch: Apr. 11th, Jessica Sutherland

    Jessica sent us a nice rainbow with some birds flying overhead.  We hope to see you at the Sketch The Sky party next month Jessica!

  • Sketch: Apr. 10th, Logan Wright

    Logan Wright must spend some time on the playground at Phil Campbell School.  Thanks for the sketch Logan!