I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. In fact, my mom, dad and brother are all natives of the Tarheel state.

We moved to Huntsville when I was in the third grade, because my father got a job with the Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal.

I grew up during the heyday of the work developing America’s first missiles, and the Saturn 5 program at Marshall Space Flight Center.

One of my best memories is the way the whole town shook when they tested the Saturn 5’s main engines in the mid-60’s.

I graduated from Huntsville High School and then went to Auburn, where I majored in Journalism, with minors in speech, English, and history. After graduation, I started work in Anniston at a small TV station that no longer exists, WHMA.

In May of 1977, my family moved back to the Rocket City, and I took a job as Sports Director at what was then called Action News 19.

In late 1999 I started making the transition from sports to news at WHNT News 19. I’ve been Senior Reporter, and Special Assignment Reporter, and now I’m the co-anchor of our week day morning news.

Among other things I also do our “Leadership Perspectives” interviews that are posted on WHNT.Com every Friday, and can also seen on our Sunday morning news.

I also do our “Defending America” reports that highlight the work in the north Alabama aerospace and defense community as well as what happens on Redstone Arsenal both in defense and at Marshall Space Flight Center.

My wife Sue is the Office Manager for Retina Services of North Alabama. I have two sons. Chris works at Huntsville Hospital. My other son, Wes, is married with two sons. His family lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee and he works at Caterpillar-Financial in Nashville.

You may see me from time to time, riding my bike on the the streets, and roads of north Alabama.

I collect first edition books, and my wife and I are modest collectors of art…especially by local artists.

I may be from North Carolina, and my wife from Atlanta, but we both consider Huntsville our home town.

Recent Articles
  • Going unmanned to defend the nation, and save the life of a lost boy

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The infrared video is remarkably steady.  It’s all shades of grey except for the bright glowing dot that moves.  That dot is actually a young man with a medical condition who was lost in Giles County, Tennessee.  The Avion Solutions Unmanned Aircraft Unit was called in to help. Unmanned aircraft are of course referred to by most people as “drones”.  Flying them is an activity, a capability, that seemingly expands on a daily basis. “And it doesn’t […]

  • Army works new technology that could keep soldiers fighting and saves lives

    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – 3-D printing is the process of using a computer-controlled laser to build something  layer by layer, like a cake. The end product could be plastic or metal, and it can be very complex. This process is also called additive manufacturing, since the finished product is added to in layers. For soldiers in the field, it might sound a bit exotic. But it isn’t, and for them, it certainly won’t be. “We’re definitely looking at ways to […]

  • Keeping Army systems from becoming obsolete, one part at a time

    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. — The Air Force’s B-52 Stratofortress bomber is still a crucial part of America’s defense, despite the fact it has been flying since 1955.  The huge bomber is still on duty because of the ongoing effort to replace old parts, obsolete parts, with new parts. The Army doesn’t have any legacy systems that old still on duty, but consider this: “Things are going to go obsolete every single day on all of your weapons systems,” said Rese […]

  • INTUITIVE Planetarium will help explore the universe, and more

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We know what the planets in our solar system look like, and thanks to NASA we even know what they sound like. But when you’re talking sounds, the scientifically curious, the young minds looking for education, and those who want to be entertained are excited about another sound as well, the sound of construction. It’s what you’ll hear at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center for the next few weeks. The new INTUITIVE Planetarium is under construction, […]

  • Research is where the future is decided

    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala — Consider the Space Shuttle. It combined liquid fuel main engines with solid rocket boosters. America’s military has plenty of missiles and almost all of them are powered by solid rocket motors, but what if there was a hybrid available? A rocket motor that used solid and liquid fuel to combine for combustion.  At Redstone Arsenal’s Space And Missile Defense Command engineers are researching just such a motor. It uses liquid oxygen and a surprising solid fuel. […]

  • Students working on Alabama’s space economy

    HUNTSVILLE, AL–If you think about it from one angle, China landing a probe on the far side of the Moon is depressing. It does seem that another country is surpassing the U.S. in space exploration. There is evidence that isn’t happening. For one thing, Americans have walked on the Moon. The Marshall Space Flight Center is leading the development of the world’s most powerful rocket, the Space Launch System, and there’s something called the Alabama Space Grant Consortium. “It’s the first […]

  • Drones are everywhere now, but what about in the future?

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Unmanned Aerial Systems — or drones if you will — come in all shapes and sizes. The military has them, and so might your neighbor. Keeping up with them, with the constant change in the technology is rough. “Yeah absolutely, considering there’s no regulations when it comes to parts and manufacturing process,” said Jerry Hendricks, the new Director of Unmanned Aerial Systems Programs at the UAH Rotorcraft Center. Hendricks moved to UAH from the Texas A&M Federal […]

  • Getting ready for the National Cyber Summit in Huntsville

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When you’re talking high-tech and computer control, look no further than America’s missile defense system and our efficient power grid that puts electricity in our homes.  For the bad guys, both our missiles and our power grid are targets. “It’s not attacked as you would think of it. It’s more proving, searching, It’s intelligence gathering. They don’t want to break your system, they want to be in your system. They want to have the ability when they […]

  • Guntersville company makes Black Hawk helicopters better

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – At Ace Aero, the work to refurbish Black Hawk helicopters is actually pretty quiet.  Not nearly so quiet is the importance of Guntersville’s only defense contractor. Guntersville Mayor Leigh Dollar discussed the importance of Ace Aero at its facility. “The defense industry is very important to Alabama, especially North Alabama, and so we want Guntersville to be part of that,” she explained. Ace Aero put the Lake City on the defense map and people who live in […]

  • For this soldier it’s all about providing crucial medical care

    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. — Sitting in his office at Redstone Arsenals Fox Army Health Center, Col. Anthony Meador was asked if he’d ever been in danger.  He said yes. “Unfortunately our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen don’t get hurt in nice places.” He would know because the veteran Army Medevac  Pilot served tours in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His duty, his mission was to get to casualties as quickly as possible. “Within, you’re probably heard, the golden hour. That was […]

  • If you need something for space or for defense, one Huntsville company says to call them

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The International Space Station was still growing, and the space shuttle had missions left to fly when three Marshall Space Flight Center veterans decided it was time to start their own company. Marc Verhage, Sr. Vice President for Defense Systems at Huntsville’s Trivector Services, knew the time was right. “Our wives were bought in, everybody was bought in, and we thought if we’re going to do it, now’s the time to do it and let’s go for […]

  • Situational awareness for war fighters at a reasonable cost

    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – For war fighters in the field, having what they need from basic equipment to food and water is crucial. It’s safe to say that when things get dangerous, having information might be the “most” important thing.  That would be the biggest reason the Army loves the Shadow Unmanned Aerial System. It provides great reconnaissance, but there is the chance that an enemy could know the Shadow was on the job. Chip Hardy, Manger of the Space […]

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