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Olivia joined the WHNT News 19 team in July of 2018 as a multimedia journalist. Originally from Georgia, the Atlanta native is thrilled to make Huntsville her new home.

She is a recent graduate from the University of Alabama where she earned a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication and film with minors in both communication studies and sports journalism.

During her time at Alabama, she worked as a reporter and producer in both the news and sports departments at WVUA 23 in Tuscaloosa. Between covering Alabama football, election nights and even filling in to anchor, she stayed busy and gained valuable experience that will help her tell the stories of the Tennessee Valley.

In her spare time, Olivia loves attending sports events, especially Alabama and Atlanta teams, hanging out with her friends and family, and finding new favorite restaurants.

If you run into Olivia stop and say hi! In addition to news tips, Olivia is always looking for ways to develop deeper roots in the community. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email her at olivia.whitmire@whnt.com, follow her on Twitter: @omwhitmireTV, or add her on Facebook: Olivia Whitmire WHNT.

Recent Articles
  • New concert and private event venue coming soon to Downtown Huntsville

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Roughly three years after UG White first opened its doors in downtown Huntsville it had to close them. An early August fire and the resulting water damage left the store too expensive to repair, but some investors are already breathing new life into the space. Before UG White moved in, the space was used as a concert hall and that idea is coming back. “It being a culture hub, bringing all kinds of people downtown and it […]

  • Local restaurant lends a hand to Huntsville TSA agents

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the government shutdown continues, so does the lack of income for TSA agents. “Next Friday will be the second payday that they miss, and so for them to have this kind of support from the community and encouragement it really means a lot,” said Jana Kuner, spokesperson for Huntsville International Airport. In an effort to try and keep morale up, Phil Sandoval’s in Huntsville brought the TSA agents a Mexican buffet for lunch Friday afternoon to show […]

  • Madison Academy athlete signs with Samford University

    MADISON, Ala. – Madison Academy’s Evan Brooks signed to run track and field for Samford University in Birmingham on Thursday. Brooks is a varsity Letterman in football, indoor and outdoor track and he has won several state championship medals in track and field.

  • Crimson Tide defensive coordinator expected to leave for the NFL

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Tide could be losing its defensive coordinator to the NFL Tosh Lupoi is expected to be hired by the Cleveland Browns for a defensive position, sources told our media partner AL.com. Lupoi was promoted to defensive coordinator the last off-season after Jeremy Pruitt left for Tennessee. Lupoi’s departure will mark the 5th Alabama coach to leave for another job following the national championship game.  

  • Service carriers call out AT&T for 5G service

    In 2018, both AT&T and Verizon announced that they’re moving forward with 5G networks. 5G brings three new aspects to the table: Greater speed More responsive The ability to connect more devices at once AT&T claims to have this service, but competitors like Verizon and T-Mobile are calling AT&T’s bluff – They’re claiming that AT&T is saying certain devices have 5G service when those devices aren’t actually compatible with 5G. Verizon took out full-page ads in papers like the New York […]

  • Annual Festival of the Cranes helping to educate about wildlife

    DECATUR, Ala. – If you’ve never seen a crane in real life, the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge has you covered. “15 years ago, it was rare to see a sand hill crane,” stated Refuge Manager Rickey Ingram. “Last year we had 28,000 peak and so far this year, we’ve had about 15,000.” This weekend is the Seventh Annual Festival of the Cranes, celebrating the fact that these birds spend the winter here in North Alabama. “When we decided to have […]

  • Bama fans honored to cheer for the Crimson Tide

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For Alabama fans, the College Football Playoff isn’t new territory: five years of the playoffs and five appearances for the Crimson Tide. Each appearance is huge for the state. “We’re not just representing the state of Alabama, we’re representing the whole south,” exclaimed Codie Anderson, an Alabama fan. “Everybody loves Alabama, it’s just a great place to be,” added Tide fan Dale Guess. The College Football Playoff started in the 2014 season, and Bama hasn’t missed a […]

  • New Year’s Eve safety concerns with gunshots and fireworks

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – People love to ring in the new year with a bang, but celebratory gunshots and fireworks can be a dangerous way to start. Lt. Michael Johnson with the Huntsville Police Department reminded everybody of a common danger. “You know the old saying, ‘What goes up must come down,'” he explained. He’s right, which means if you shoot a bullet up in the air, it has to come down somewhere. “Even if it doesn’t hit somebody and actually […]

  • Alabama’s wet weather impact on candy making

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For many families, there’s one dessert always on the table for this holiday: Christmas divinity. However, weather can make this holiday tradition tricky to pull off. One of our viewers asked WHNT News 19 when she was going to be able to make it, so WHNT spoke with some confection specialists in Huntsville about what it takes. Here in the south, there is one ingredient that is in short supply to make the confection, particularly in the month of […]

  • Vehicle crashes into Town Creek church, 2 injured

    LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. — Two people were injured after a vehicle crashed into a Lawrence County church Sunday morning, according to authorities. Town Creek Police said a vehicle hit First Missionary Baptist Church just after 10 a.m. Officer Dennis Sharp said a church member that was working in the sound room inside the building at the time was injured by debris. Both the church member and the driver were transported to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. Church […]

  • State champs reunited 35 years later

    DECATUR, Ala. – Many high school athletes have a coach that changes their life for the better, but it’s easy to lose touch and forget; however, that wasn’t the case for a team of Huntsville champions and the person who led them to victory in 1983. Herman Myers has been playing or coaching basketball since the 1950s, so he’s been around a lot of ball players in his lifetime, but none quite like his 1983 girls J.O. Johnson state championship […]

  • Two lawsuits against 3M will remain in North Alabama

    ALABAMA- On September 26, lawyers for 3M filed requests to consolidate more than 70 federal lawsuits against the company. 3M wanted to to get the cases into a single court under one judge, and that’s when the legal battle between Tennessee Riverkeeper and 3M cranked up. “The defense team for Riverkeeper argued that our case was unique in that we weren’t seeking financial damages for injured individuals,” said David Whiteside, founder of Tennessee Riverkeeper. “It is the only environmental lawsuit […]