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Kelley joined the WHNT News 19 team in May of 2018. She comes to the Tennessee Valley from the Midwest, but grew up in California.

She previously worked as a reporter for KSFY-TV in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While in the Mount Rushmore State she covered several different kinds of stories spanning state and local government, severe weather and even the 75th annual Stugis Rally.

She is the recipient of a Sevareid Award for investigative journalism.

Kelley graduated from Arizona State University in 2012 and she made her reporting debut in Helena, Montana.

Kelley is no stranger to the Tennessee Valley. Her family is from Madison. She looks forward to being near family and friends.

She loves the outdoors. In her spare time you can find her fishing, hiking or exploring Northeast Alabama.

Have a tip or an idea? Kelley wants to hear from you! She enjoys communicating with our viewers. Follow her on Twitter @KelleySmithWHNT or email her at

Recent Articles
  • Friends, court documents provide more details about Sisk Family

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala – Friends and court documents are piecing more together more details about the Sisk family; who they were, and their dealings with the legal system. Tuesday morning the community of Elkmont and friends of the Sisk family woke up to shocking news. John and Mary Sisk and their children, six-year-old Kane, five-year-old Aurora, and their six-month-old infant Coleson, were all killed. “Still having a hard time realizing that it really happened,” said Hope Seeley, a former colleague […]

  • Back seat passengers can be cited for not wearing seat belt

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Starting September 1, all passengers inside a car, including those in the back seat, are required to wear a seat belt. Normally, when a car gets pulled over the driver is the one who gets the ticket, but if you get in the backseat and happen to be a licensed adult, it won’t be the driver who is cited. “Let me say this too, if you’re in the back seat and you’re an adult, that citation could […]

  • Staying in the left lane will come at a cost when new law goes into effect

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A series of new Alabama driving laws will go into effect September 1. One of them is the ‘anti-road-rage act’. It’s a law that will no longer allow drivers to ride in the left lane without passing other vehicles on highways and interstates. It has been against the law for years to ride in the left lane – it’s called impeding the flow of traffic. But this new law created specific language dictating that people can only […]

  • Judge dissolves injunction used to seize assets of massage parlor owners suspected of human trafficking

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Business owners accused of using their massage parlors as a front for human trafficking are fighting for their assets in court. In April, Attorney General Steve Marshall filed a temporary restraining order to shut down their locations in Huntsville and Decatur, seize all of their money and property. On Friday, Madison County Circuit Court Judge Alison Austin made the decision to dissolve the preliminary injunction filed by AG Marshall against Ty Green’s Massage Therapy, Inc. Because of […]

  • Court battle over assets of massage parlor owner accused of human trafficking

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – New information was revealed in court Wednesday about massage parlors in Madison and Morgan Counties that state Attorney General Steve Marshall calls a human trafficking front. The AG asked the court to ban the owners of TY Green’s Massage Therapy Inc. from doing business in the state. This week court hearings have been held in the civil case. But there are still many questions — like why no criminal charges have been filed in the matter. It’s […]

  • Medical Cannabis Study Commission holds first meeting

    The Medical Cannabis Study Commission held its first meeting Tuesday. The commission was created as a compromise after a bill to allow medical marijuana stalled in the Alabama legislature. Is Alabama one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana? At the statehouse lawmakers, doctors, district attorneys and other members of the Medical Cannabis Study Commission met for the first time. Tuesday was the culmination of a process several years in the making. Cannabidiol and medical marijuana bills have been brought to […]

  • TVA completes $475 million extended power uprate modifications

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala – The Tennessee Valley Authority recently wrapped up $475 million upgrades at Browns Ferry – the company’s oldest nuclear facility. Browns Ferry can now supply power to 280,000 more homes now that the extended power uprate is complete. Extending the plant’s power uprate was a process that began in 2018. This was after the nuclear regulatory commission approved the plan in 2017. “We took the couple of years to finish the big major modifications, pumps, and rotors, […]

  • Navigating Governors Drive: A taking action report

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The closure of Cecil Ashburn funneled thousands of more vehicles to Governors Drive. While Huntsville Police say they haven’t seen as many crashes as they anticipated – people who live there say they have safety concerns. Governors Drive these days, just collecting garbage takes an entourage of vehicles, including a large truck and a police cruiser, to ensure sanitation crews are safe. Before the closure of Cecil Ashburn, the City of Huntsville partnered with ALDOT to prepare […]

  • Report suggests Alabama creates legislation to fight cancer

    ALABAMA – When it comes to preventing cancer – legislation has an important role to play, According to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. A new report from the organization shows that Alabama has some room for improvement. The ‘How Do You Measure Up’ report takes a look at state legislative activity to reduce cancer incidents and mortality. “There are about 8 different areas in Alabama and Alabama is doing well in one and in about 5 is in […]

  • Protecting your credit in wake of Capital One data breach

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Just days after Equifax announced plans for a settlement after the largest data breach in history, Capital One announced another data breach. A hacker gained access to more than 100 million customer accounts and credit card applications. Tech experts say this shouldn’t become a reality for consumers. They explained what people affected by the breach can do to protect their credit right now and how these breaches could be prevented in the future. The compromised data includes […]

  • Limestone County dad files lawsuit against Juul hoping to stop teen vaping epidemic

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala – More than 3.6 million teens across the country are vaping according to the US Food And Drug Administration. An Alabama man has filed a lawsuit against e-cigarette manufacturer, Juul. He hopes this lawsuit could benefit families across the state by holding the company accountable. The suit alleges using Juul e-cigarettes caused a teen to quickly become severely addicted to nicotine. This claim is the basis of a lawsuit filed against tobacco giant in Limestone County. “It’s […]

  • Governor’s criminal justice study group holds first meeting

    ALABAMA – The stakes are high as the Governor’s office looks to address prison reform. The federal government is threatening a lawsuit against the state – after the Department of Justice found possible constitutional violations in state prisons. The Governor’s criminal justice study group convened for the first time this week. Group members say they just want to keep the public safe. The federal government stepping in to end prison problems could affect taxpayers. “A takeover by the courts would […]

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