Meteorologist Gabrielle Deabler joined the WHNT News 19 Weather Team in August 2016. Her move to Huntsville comes after spending the previous year as the morning meteorologist for WWAY in Wilmington, NC where she first fell in love with the South.

Before embracing southern living she was Midwestern, born and raised in Missouri. That’s where her passion for the weather was born as well. Constantly in awe of Missouri’s wide range of weather extremes, she grew up waiting for storms every spring and hoping for snow every winter.

Her love for science and mathematics in school eventually lead her to the University of Missouri where she graduated a proud Tiger in May of 2015 with her Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences.
While attending Mizzou she also had the chance to work as the weekend meteorologist for KMIZ in Columbia, Mo. This job gave her immeasurable experience in severe weather coverage. In the two years she worked there she covered tornado outbreaks, flash flooding, blizzards, ice storms, and more.

Gabrielle is always keeping up with the world of weather and is a member of the American Meteorological Society.

Gabrielle is also an avid reader of all genres and encourages everyone to support their local library! Her other interests include hiking, yoga, and her cat Parker.

Recent Articles
  • Are you weather-ready? February 16 through 22 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama

    Severe weather can impact north Alabama at any time of the year but the peak seasons are spring as well as fall. For that reason, in late winter, it is prudent to review the different types of severe weather, the alerts associated with them, and the various safety tips that can keep you and your family safe. (MORE: NWS Huntsville offering free storm spotter training) This year, the state of Alabama will recognize February 16-22 as Severe Weather Awareness Week. Throughout […]

  • Preparing a Severe Weather Safety Kit

    Severe Weather can develop quickly, so it’s best to prepare a safety kit for your home and for your car. We’ve compiled a list of items you should prepare below. Emergency safety kit for the home: Water (one gallon of water per person for at least 3 days) Food (a 3 day supply of non-perishable food for each person in your family) Can openers and utensils  Weather Radio First aid kit Blankets/jackets (they keep you warm in the winter, and […]

  • Intense Heat and Humidity is Coming – Stay Safe!

    We’re in the middle of the summer season now, and it’s certainly going to feel like it! The highest temperature so far in 2019 at Huntsville International Airport was 98ºF on July 9th. We could see similar heat over the next few days, but the humidity will push heat index values into the low 100s: While this heat isn’t unheard of for an Alabama summer, it can still be dangerous. Averaged over the past 30 years, heat is the number […]

  • NOAA Releases Updated 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

    Every year NOAA releases an outlook for the upcoming hurricane season in May – and then the outlook is updated throughout the year. The first planned update to the outlook was released this week, as we head into the peak of hurricane season which stretches from August through October. The updated outlook calls for an above-average level of activity for the rest of the season. Two named storms have already formed – Andrea and Barry- and the outlook shows the […]

  • Flash Flood Warnings Issued Through Wednesday Evening

    The National Weather Service has issued two Flash Flood Warnings for the Tennessee Valley: One for Lincoln, Madison, and Jackson Counties until 7:15PM Wednesday and another for Lauderdale and Colbert Counties until 7:30PM Wednesday. A ‘cluster’ of heavy storms moving in from the north has prompted the concern for localized flooding as rainfall amounts could exceed 1″-2″ per hour where storms develop. The full warning text from the NWS is below: THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA HAS ISSUED […]

  • What to expect as we enter the last half of the summer season

    The first full week of August marks the halfway point into our summer season, and the hottest week of the year for North Alabama on average! The average high temperature from August 1st through August 20th is 91°F – which is as hot as our ‘average’ high temperature gets in Huntsville. While we often rise above that mark at least a few times each year, the summer of 2019 has stayed pretty close to average. Not only did we not […]

  • Dense Fog Advisory in effect Monday Morning

    The National Weather Service in Huntsville has issued a Dense Fog Advisory through 9AM for the entire Tennessee Valley Monday morning: Visibility could fall to below 1 mile at times, particularly over Northeast Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee. If you encounter fog while driving, slow down and keep the low beams of your vehicle on even after sunrise. Fortunately, clearing skies will help break up the fog once the sun is up. Visibility should be back to 10 miles or […]

  • YOUR PHOTOS: Rainbows and Crepuscular Rays Brighten Up The Skies

    Storms in the summer can dampen our plans, but they can also set us up for splendid views behind the rain! One of the most common sights of course being rainbows, which popped up all over the Tennessee Valley on Saturday: Rainbows form when light enters a water droplet and is broken into its colored components. Those colors form the rainbows that we see. Saturday a lot of folks noticed double rainbows too; formally speaking all rainbows come as double […]

  • Dry conditions intensify over Northeast Alabama

    Summertime storms can be very unfair – they can bring torrential rainfall and high winds to a select few communities, while leaving everyone else bone dry for weeks. This has allowed much of northeast Alabama to fall into the ‘abnormally dry’ category on the US Drought Monitor. What that tells us is pretty limited: abnormally dry means that the conditions are short-term, and still too mild to be impacting the local hydrology (things like well levels, rivers, and watersheds). We […]

  • Why July’s ‘Black Moon’ is coming at a perfect time

    July 31st, 2019 North Alabama will experience a black moon – for the first time since 2016. You probably won’t notice it though. A Black Moon is simply what we call a new moon when it’s the second to occur in a month; the first new moon of the month occured on July 2nd. Since a new moon is the opposite phase of a full moon, it isn’t visible in the night sky at all. It could still make a […]

  • 67 years ago: North Alabama experienced the hottest temperatures on record

    We’re currently in the middle of a very run-of-the-mill kind of summer in Alabama; no long-term drought has tried to develop and we haven’t had to deal with any record-breaking heat waves. Huntsville recorded the hottest temperature of 2019 (so far) back on July 8th at 98°F, while most record high temperatures this time of year are at least 100°F+. We are now heading into what is climatologically the hottest part of the year, and in fact some of the […]

  • July ends with more heat, humidity, and scattered storms

    Summer’s heat returned over the weekend and will be here to stay for a while! The good news is that, although humidity is slowly climbing, it won’t be excessive to the point where heat advisories are necessary. High temperatures on Monday will climb back into the low 90s, with ‘feels like’ temperature only a few degrees higher than the actual air temperature. The slight uptick in moisture in the air will be enough for a few brief showers to develop […]

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