Chelsea joined the WHNT News 19 team in October of 2016. She comes to the Tennessee Valley from the Rocky Mountains.

She previously worked as an anchor, reporter and sometimes weather girl for KIFI-TV in Idaho Falls, Idaho. While out west she covered stories of local government corruption, wildfires, and cold cases. She also reported about moose on the loose and potatoes.

Chelsea is no stranger to Alabama. She graduated from the University of Alabama, earning her degree in broadcast journalism. She is thrilled to be back home near family and friends.

When she isn’t out chasing stories, Chelsea enjoys hiking, watching college football (Roll Tide!) and cooking.

She is passionate about Taking Action and Getting Results for you. If you have a story idea, or just want to chat, send her an email at

Recent Articles
  • Gov. Kay Ivey says ADEM needs to offer solutions to 3M chemical release problems in North Alabama

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — We are continuing to press government officials for answers about illegal chemical releases into the Tennessee River. WHNT News 19 discovered that 3M violated federal law by releasing toxic chemicals for a decade — and the state had permitted it. We asked Gov. Kay Ivey about the issue today during her visit to Huntsville. Chelsea Brentzel asked, “Why then did it take me finding documents to make the public aware that 3M was violating federal law for […]

  • Deputy who resigned over homophobic comments hired at Owens Cross Roads Police Department

    MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — A former Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputy who resigned after posting homophobic comments on social media has been hired as an Owens Cross Roads police officer. Jeff Graves shared his opinion on Facebook about the LGBTQ community —  after the death of 15-year-old Nigel Shelby in April — while still working as a deputy for Madison County. Family members said Shelby died by suicide and had been the target of homophobic bullying. The comments made by […]

  • Uncertainty surrounds ADEM’s role in regulation of banned chemicals

    DECATUR, Ala. –  3M announced on Monday that the company was expanding chemical investigation into decades-old landfills in Morgan County. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) is the agency charged with regulating activities by companies like 3M. However, based on public records, the relationship between the company and regulators and what is and isn’t regulated can be confusing. WHNT News 19 discovered a letter 3M sent to the Environmental Protection Agency admitting the Decatur plant released the chemical FBSA […]

  • Decatur mayor says he learned of 3M chemical dumping through WHNT News 19 reporting

    DECATUR, Ala. – Chemicals at the heart of $35 million settlement between 3M and the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority are now at the center of new landfill investigations in Morgan County. The chemicals in question are known as PFAS chemicals. They are used to make products like Scotchgard and Teflon. The call for an investigation by local government officials to look for those chemicals in the landfills comes after a series of reports by WHNT News 19. Decatur […]

  • Tennessee River supplies drinking water to hundreds of thousands

    DECATUR, Ala.-  3M’s admission of illegally releasing chemicals into the Tennessee River and the state of Alabama’s role in those releases is an important story for several reasons. But perhaps the part of the story that you likely care most about is how it may impact your drinking water. The Tennessee River is a major drinking water source for hundreds of thousands of north Alabama residents. The river flows northwest through the Tennessee Valley. Multiple water utility providers are downstream […]

  • Sen. Doug Jones calls on environmental regulators to investigate 3M’s illegal chemical release

    An investigation by WHNT News 19 is shedding light on what the state of Alabama knew and how it permitted 3M’s plant in Decatur to violate the Toxic Substances Control Act. Discharge reports submitted to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) indicate 3M reported discharging toxic chemical FBSA into the Tennessee River since at least 2014. FBSA is a short chain PFAS chemical. It is used to make products like Scotchgard and Teflon. The EPA is still researching and […]

  • Timeline of events surrounding 3M’s admission of illegal chemical release into Tennessee River

    DECATUR, Ala. – A series of interesting events happened before and after 3M disclosed it failed to obey federal law by releasing certain manufacturing chemicals or the waste of those chemicals into the Tennessee River. 3M sent that disclosure letter in April. WHNT News 19 was told just weeks before the EPA may have been at 3M’s plant in Decatur in mid-March. WHNT News 19 went through official channels at the EPA to find out if it happened. As of […]

  • State of Alabama permitted 3M to release toxic chemicals into Tennessee River for years, records show

    DECATUR, Ala. – In April, 3M reported to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management that it was discharging chemicals that are illegal to put into water. But records show that the state of Alabama had been alerted for years and did not stop the continued release of the toxic chemical into the Tennessee River. WHNT News 19 discovered that 3M disclosed on state discharge reports to ADEM that it was releasing chemical FBSA since at least 2014. FBSA appears to […]

  • AL Governor, AG monitoring EPA investigation into 3M’s illegal chemical release into Tennessee River

    DECATUR, Ala. – Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall tell WHNT News 19 they are monitoring the Environmental Protection Agency’s investigation into an illegal chemical release into the Tennessee River. The EPA confirms it is investigating the chemical release. “My Office is monitoring the situation and will continue to consult with ADEM and the Attorney General’s Office on this matter,” said Gov. Ivey. 3M disclosed that the company violated Toxic Substance Control Act in a letter to […]

  • Environmental group concerned about illegal chemical release into Tennessee River

    DECATUR, Ala.- A local environmental group is concerned after learning the 3M plant failed to obey federal law when it released certain chemicals into the Tennessee River. Founder of Tennessee Riverkeeper David Whiteside knows 3M and its chemicals well. His environmental non-profit started a legal battle with the company when it filed a lawsuit against 3M in 2016. “This breakthrough gives Tennessee Riverkeeper new evidence not to trust 3M and their proper disposal of chemicals,” said Whiteside. In April, the […]

  • 3M admits to illegal chemical release in Tennessee River

    DECATUR, Ala. – The 3M Plant in Decatur failed to obey federal law by releasing certain chemicals or the waste of those chemicals into the Tennessee River. The company admitted to the chemical release in an April letter to the Environmental Protection Agency. The letter, which was sent by an attorney on behalf of 3M, says the plant in Decatur released the chemical FBSA into the Tennessee River. The company also notes that it may have also released a similar […]

  • 2001 3M-funded food study found high levels of manufacturing chemicals in Alabama

    DECATUR, Ala. – Concerns over manufacturing chemicals used to make Teflon and Scotchgard may extend to the food grown and sold near chemical production facilities. A nearly two-decades-old study conducted for 3M indicates that the same types of PFAS chemicals found in the drinking water in the West Morgan East Lawrence water supply may also exist in certain types of foods. The chemicals found are the same ones that prompted the general manager of WMEL water authority to urge customers […]

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