Carri Walters is the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at WHNT News 19. Carri joined the WHNT News 19 team in June of 2012. She has played a variety of roles at the station. She started off working in the studio, but quickly followed her passion of writing into the newsroom where she worked as a producer. She’s now turned her focus to marketing, and is currently a happy member of our Sales team.

Carri is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, where she double majored in Communication and Journalism, with an emphasis in Media Studies.

She grew up in West Chicago, IL. She then lived in Boston, MA for a couple years after college before moving to the Tennessee Valley with her husband.

Carri is excited to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team and loves that she learns something new each time she comes in to work.

Recent Articles
  • Spiderwort blooms a cool blue flower

    If you have a space in your garden to fill, and you’d like to add a cool colored plant, the flower commonly called Spiderwort is a great candidate. The real name is Tradescantia. The flower of the Spiderwort is a very cool blue. It can be good to pair with a contrasting color, like a red, to allow each color to pop. Spiderwort will grow to be about two to three feet tall, and the three-petaled flowers will bloom all summer long. The […]

  • Santolina: a perennial evergreen shrub

    If you’re looking for a small shrub to add to your garden, but you don’t have time to take care of a plant that needs a lot of maintenance, then Santolina might be the perfect plant for you. Santolina is an evergreen perennial that does not like soil that is too wet. It needs to be planted in an area that drains well, so it’s perfect for that spot in your garden that doesn’t get a lot of water. Sometimes […]

  • Pine straw makes an excellent mulch

    If you’ve done any kind of landscaping or setting out shrubs, flowers, or trees, inevitably the last part of your project is to put out some mulch. Mulch, or a ground cover on top of the dirt, is a vital part of the success of your landscape. One type of mulch in our area that is very good, and might be better than any others, is pine needles or pine straw. There are several things that make pine straw an excellent […]

  • Using Pots & Baskets to Spread Color Throughout Your Garden

    If your goal is to spread out colors throughout your garden, the use of pots or baskets is very important. It allows you to be versatile about where you put the color in your garden. Of course you want to choose a pot or a basket that’s big enough to hold the plant material you want to put in there. It’s best to start with a good, light-weight potting soil that allows the water to get in the pot and also out of […]

  • Distylium: a new, hardy evergreen shrub

    If you’re looking for an evergreen shrub to add to your landscape, but you’re tired of the same old varieties, you may be interested in a new plant in the nursery trade called Distylium. Distylium could be considered the perfect plant. It grows in light shade all the way up to full sun. It’s heat and drought resistant. Deer don’t like it. Insects don’t bother it. And diseases, up to this point, are not a factor. Currently there are six varieties of […]

  • New varieties of Geraniums introduce more colors

    Geraniums are the most popular plant to grow in pots in the world. Prior to now, there were only a few colors to choose from. But there have been some exciting changes in the world of Geraniums, and a whole new array of colors are now available. One new variety is called Lavender Blue. It’s a stocky, strong plant with light pink blooms. Another is called Lavender Rose, which has rich, dark pink flowers. A new unique looking variety is […]

  • Carolina Jessamine can be grown as a shrub or a vine

    Yellow is a happy color, and the Carolina Jessamine is loaded with yellow buds. It’s a vine that grows very successfully here in our area. You’ve probably seen it around town.  Carolina Jessamine can grow to be 30 feet tall or wide. It grows about anywhere there is plenty of sunshine, and it looks a bit like sunshine too. It has yellow blooms and evergreen foliage. The Carolina Jessamine blooms just once in the spring. A very similar plant, the […]

  • Ligustrum pair perfectly with the dark foliage of a Loropetalum

    Lately you’ve probably noticed Loropetalums blooming around town. Loropetalums have a purplish or white bloom, depending on the variety, but the foliage of the plant is dark. That dark foliage can sometimes keep the plant from being seen as well as you would like it to be seen. The perfect plant to pair with those dark leaves of Loropetalum is the Ligustrum. The addition will really draw the eye to your garden. One type of plant is the Ligustrum Sunshine. […]

  • Hellebore, or Lenten Rose, a tough and durable plant

    When you have a large tree in your yard, it’s tough to find plants that can compete in the same area. There are some that do very well, though.  One of those is the Hellebores or Lenten Rose. It’s a tough and durable plant. The green foliage began growing back in January when the weather was still cold. Some flowers started to grow during that period of time, and they’ve continued to grow and will bloom through April. The blooms come in different […]

  • The Camellia is a show-stopping flower

    It’s always fun to plant something new. A great plant to add to your garden is the Camellia. It grows best in light shade, and it thrives in our southern climate. One of the best known species is the camellia japonica. That means Japanese Camellia. The Japanese Camellia is the state flower of Alabama. Japanese Camellia come in different varieties and colors. A pink flower, called Spellbound, is one of the most popular around. The leaves on it are dark green and […]

  • First Baptist Church’s Living Christmas Tree will air on WHNT2

    Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) — First Baptist Church’s performance of the Living Christmas Tree is back for its 31st year. Saturday, December 19th we’ll air a live performance on WHNT2 from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. WHNT2 is available on Comcast 1008, Knology 199, Charter 193, Mediacom 80 and through an over-the-air antenna. You can also watch the live broadcast here on We’ll also re-air the broadcast on Christmas morning from 4:30 to 6:00 a.m. in place of WHNT News 19 This Morning. […]

  • Pinterest Unpinned: Key Jar

    For the holiday season we’ve teamed up with University Pickers to bring you several Pinterest-inspired gift ideas you can make for friends, family, or for yourself. Key Jar The Key Jar could be used for a variety of things, but one use we really like is the idea of storing conversation starters. You can decorate the jar so it looks nice among your things, but you’ll want to keep it in an easy to reach place so you can use it […]

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