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  • Video captures Virginia driver swerving into oncoming lanes, driving into ditches

    MATTHEWS COUNTY, Va. – Terrified gasps were the only sounds Ashley Shorts could make on her 35-minute drive home from work last Wednesday night as she trailed a driver swerving in and out of lanes into oncoming traffic. A video she posted of the shocking commute has gone viral. “I was actually pretty shook up about it,” Shorts said. Short’s terrifying experience started shortly after 7:00 when she left her job and headed home on Route 14 in Gloucester County. That’s […]

  • 4 dead, including Chicago officer, after Mercy Hospital shooting

    CHICAGO — Four people were killed, including a Chicago police officer and a gunman, after an active shooter incident at a South Side hospital. Chicago police responded to the scene at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center at 2525 S. Michigan Avenue for reports of shots fired just before 3:30 p.m. Monday. The incident may have started with gunfire in the parking lot before moving into the hospital. The officer was initially in critical condition, according to CPD spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi. The […]

  • David’s Bridal files for bankruptcy

    David’s Bridal has been buried under a mountain of debt. It hasn’t helped that fewer people are tying the knot lately. The nation’s largest bridal retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. It owes between $500 million and $1 billion to creditors, according to court records. As part of the bankruptcy, David’s Bridal reached a deal with lenders to reduce the company’s debt by more than $400 million. The agreement will allow David’s Bridal to continue to operate its […]

  • ‘Polygamous ninja’ now faces same rape charges as husband

    DRAPER, Utah – A woman dubbed a ‘polygamous ninja’ faces new charges of rape for alleged abuse that she committed with her husband more than four years ago, according to KSTU. Raven Blackwing was sent to prison in 2015 after breaking into a person’s home and trying to interfere with a rape trial. Authorities said Blackwing and 19-year-old Tylynn Southwick, both dressed in ninja-style clothing, broke into a Utah home on Sept. 19 while armed but were subdued by the occupants […]

  • Elevator in Chicago skyscraper fell 84 floors before passengers saved

    CHICAGO — Six people were rescued after an elevator suddenly stopped for several hours in the building formerly known as the John Hancock Center. Around 12:30 a.m. Friday, the group was leaving the Signature Room restaurant on the 95th floor when two cables broke, causing the elevator to stall near the 11th floor of Chicago’s fourth-tallest building. Fire officials said the elevator was in a “blind shaft”, which means there were no door openings. The Chicago Tribune reported the elevator had fallen 84 floors […]

  • School with high rate of vaccine exemptions faces North Carolina’s biggest chickenpox outbreak in over 20 years

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. – A North Carolina school is facing the biggest chickenpox outbreak since the vaccine came out more than 20 years ago, according to the Asheville Citizen Times. With 36 infected students by Friday, the varicella virus, more commonly known as chickenpox, is quickly spreading through the Asheville Waldorf School. The school, which  teaches Kindergarten up through 6th grade, is also among North Carolina’s top 3 schools for the state’s highest rates of religious exemptions to vaccinations. Out of 152 […]

  • California hospital staff, fire chief, keep patients safe in home surrounded by flames

    BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. – When thousands of people eventually return to their Paradise neighborhoods many will not have homes to return to. But in the case of one family, their home was saved because of an extraordinary effort by a team of strangers to keep hospital patients safe inside of it. Six-day-old Halle was the last baby born at Feather River Hospital. Just moments after she arrived, the Camp Fire began to surround the building. “They came over the speaker, […]

  • Hundreds of ‘flat Earth’ believers gather in Colorado for conference

    AURORA, Colo. – It looks flat, it feels flat, for all intents and purposes, the world is flat according to “flat Earth” believers. “Was there ever any debate when you were in first grade and you were learning about cosmology? Was there anyone who disputed it ever in your whole life? but now?”  Dorothy Novak, flat Earth believer, said to KDVR. Well, conventional wisdom and science say the world is indeed round, right? “Look with your own eyes. Go out to […]

  • Kentucky hunter bags two-headed buck – sort of

    BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. – A hunter had to take a double take when he bagged a rare buck in western Kentucky, according to WXIN. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources says Bob Long took aim at the deer after he saw the big antlers in the distance in Ballard County. However, when Long approached the deer, what he found was truly astounding – it had two heads, sort of. The decomposing head of another buck was attached to the deer’s […]

  • Dolphin found shot to death on California beach

    MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – A dolphin died from an apparent bullet wound earlier this month on Manhattan Beach in Southern California, authorities said Friday. The dolphin was found on Nov. 8 after officials responded to reports of a dolphin washing up in the surf and had one bullet hole, Peter Wallerstein, of the Marine Animal Rescue, said. “There is no excuse for such brutality against these beautiful animals,” the Marine Animal Rescue said on its Facebook page. Dozens of people […]

  • Selfless kidney donor sparks chain of surgeries, saving 3 lives in Kansas and Missouri

    KANSAS CITY — Two weeks ago, 25-year-old Ky Kanaman’s decision to donate one of his kidneys sparked a chain reaction of donations that saved not one, but three lives. “In reality, I was a healthy dude from Texas with two, and I only needed one,” Kanaman told WDAF. “At the moment of figuring out the situation, it was something that I was supposed to do. It was the right thing to do. It was something I felt like I needed […]

  • 73-year-old Florida woman was worried about the meth she was smoking, so she took it to her doctor

    POLK COUNTY, Fla. – An elderly woman is accused of taking her methamphetamine to the doctor for testing after she became concerned about the drug’s effect on her. Barbara Lee Ray, 73, of Polk County, Fla., asked her doctor to test the meth because she was worried it was doing harm, the Miami Herald reported. Ray had been using the drug for about a month, but it remains uncertain where she got it or why she was smoking it, according […]