Joel Porter joins WHNT after working the last three years in South Bend, Indiana.

He previously worked at stations in Grand Forks and Bismarck as a reporter and morning anchor before moving to Eugene, Oregon where he anchored the morning show, reported and filled in on weather.

If you have a story idea to share, send him an email at

Recent Articles
  • More streets signing up for Madison neighborhood watch

    MADISON, Ala. – More neighbors in Madison are signing up to keep an eye on one another. Police say more streets are joining the neighborhood watch. Homeowners on Brentwood and Lewter Drive are the newest streets to join the watch. The signs are free, so is the training. Madison police even inspect your block to look for potential weak spots. “We check for things like lighting. Lights may be out. Garage doors left open, unsecured doors, things like that,” Madison […]

  • Huntsville man nervous about backyard bugs

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A man in north Huntsville says some bad bugs in his backyard won’t buzz off and he doesn’t know what to do about it. “About a month ago is when it started,” David Jones said. “So, we didn’t think too much about it. We just kept cutting the grass.” But Jones says he’s too nervous to mow now that some big bugs are showing up in his backyard. “If I can’t come out my back porch, something’s […]

  • New restaurants nearly ready to open at Stovehouse

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- One of the newest nightlife attractions is welcoming some new tenants. Stovehouse officially opened to families this spring and managers say some of the new restaurants are nearly ready to open. After getting a taste over the last few weeks, managers say Mazzaras will open next week, followed by two more neighbors over the next month. “Every corner you go around, there’s something new,” Stovehouse director of marketing Steven Jackson said. With new crepes on display, the owners […]

  • Huntsville leaders eye more hotel rooms downtown

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –┬áThe expansion of the Von Braun Center continues as the new music hall and outdoor bar is expected to be finished this winter. “We’re making up for lost ground in the downtown corridor,” Huntsville director of planning and urban development Shane Davis said. With the new attractions — hotel rooms downtown are at a premium. A┬áproposal from the group Southaven Associates was approved to build a Hyatt House hotel on what’s now a parking lot at Jefferson and […]

  • Bike safety advocates urge Huntsville to adopt report database

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – City leaders are trying to come up with a better way to protect cyclists around town. On Thursday evening, they continued talks for a proposal called the Near Miss Report Database. It allows drivers and riders to report close calls on the roads, which would allow police to give warnings and tickets to any potential offenders. The idea was talked about among the bicycle advisory safety committee for the last ten years after a cyclist, Sarah Chapman […]

  • Neighbors want Huntsville city leaders to get tough on absentee property owners

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Neighbors say they want city leaders to get tougher on property owners who aren’t cleaning up their act. On Wednesday evening, home owners met with city leaders to share come of their concerns with blight on their streets. From the outside, the homes look quiet and unassuming. But if you were to knock on the door, nobody’s home. “There are gutters falling down, trees growing out of gutters. Shrubs overtaking houses,” Huntsville resident Pam Hudson said. So […]

  • Alabama A&M receiving more money for electric buses

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- In less than a month, classes at Alabama A&M University will resume, and this fall, students will get to climb aboard some brand new electric buses. On Tuesday, Washington D.C. lawmakers announced some big funding that will help pay for the new rigs. “This is the future. It’s like the future is here. And we feel like we’re part of the pioneers,” Alabama A&M transportation director Marshall Chimwedzi said. Chimwedzi has spent the spring and summer writing several […]

  • Russellville approves school district to run and maintain city parks

    FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. – There were plenty of fired up neighbors in Russellville on Monday evening. Neighbors are upset with the city’s plan to let the school district run the city parks, which would fire the Parks and Recreation staff. “The revenue is not as strong as it’s always been,” Russellville City Schools superintendent Heath Grimes said. A new parks proposal in Russellville made for a packed city hall on Monday evening. “For the city workers of Russellville to be […]

  • Huntsville ham radio club celebrating Apollo anniversary at Space and Rocket Center

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Amateur radio operators are camping out at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center this weekend. They’re celebrating the moon landing milestone by hitting the airwaves. The Huntsville Amateur Radio Club is spending the next two days sending and receiving signals from all over the country, even space. These operators are standing by. With some assembly required, the group of radio operators are starting the chatter from their weekend base in Huntsville. “This is the original social media, […]

  • Ardmore woman’s murder happened during drug buy, authorities say

    MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County authorities arrested two people on Thursday in connection with the shooting death of an Ardmore woman, and said a third suspect turned himself in later that day. Khalib Holden, 18, Adrian Miguel Lopez, 18, and Quintin Sincere Courtney, 20, were all arrested in connection with the murder of Diane Ferguson Ballard, 72. They’re each charged with capital murder and first-degree robbery. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said Friday afternoon that Ballard was killed during […]

  • Neighbors in Muscle Shoals worried about retention pond flooding

    MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. – Heavy rains this week make neighbors in the Shoals nervous. Families living off Wilson Dam Road just finished an expensive clean up from February flooding, and they’re worried it could happen again. “Everything 16 inches and below had to be gutted and replaced,” Muscle Shoals resident Tanner Hunt said. Almost a foot of rain in less than a week in February left Hunt’s street underwater. “I called my insurance agent and he said, ‘you’re not covered’,” […]

  • Madison police encouraging neighbors to sign up for the watch

    MADISON, Ala.- You don’t have to be a nosy neighbor and you don’t have to go looking for trouble. Madison police say it’s easy and they want you to join the neighborhood watch. “It was a Saturday afternoon, there wasn’t a lot of workers in the neighborhood, it was just odd,” Madison Police community relations officer Teresa Taylor-Duncan said. Madison police officer Teresa Taylor-Duncan recently came home to find her garage door was open. “My husband came home shortly after, […]

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