Kelly Vaughen is a multimedia journalist at WHNT News 19. Originally from Virginia, the east-coaster is thrilled to make Alabama her home.

Kelly earned her master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University in Washington D.C., and her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Hofstra University in New York.

If you run into Kelly stop and say hi! She is excited to meet people in the community, and is always looking for new places to check out.

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Recent Articles
  • New equipment at Marshall Space Flight Center will help with better weather forecasts

    REDSTONE ARSENAL – NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has new equipment that will improve weather forecasting and could help keep you and your family safe during severe weather. New antennas are receiving information from satellites 25,000 miles above the surface of the earth. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites, or the GOES systems, produce the weather pictures you see on TV and can even map lightning. It’s a vast improvement from previous satellites. “Collects the data in three times as many channels […]

  • Schools urging parents to fill out Federal Impact Aid forms sent home with their children

    MADISON COUNTY Ala. — Madison County parents, you have been assigned some homework. But it is homework you probably won’t mind doing because it may mean more money for your child’s school. If you have a child in Madison County, Madison City, or Huntsville City Schools, make sure you dig through your child’s backpack this week and look for a Federal Impact Aid form. “It is absolutely important. Without filling out those forms, you cannot guarantee that your child education is […]

  • Police K9s from across the country compete in Huntsville to be top dog

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — Police K9s and handlers from across the country are in Huntsville for the National Police Dog Trials. Eighty-seven teams from across the nation are competing to see who is top dog. “As far away as Minnesota, South Florida, New York, Maryland,” said Joe Jenkins, the K9 Sergeant with the Huntsville Police Department. “To compete to be the top dog of the nation.” The dogs are judged on their obedience, agility, and criminal apprehension among other things. “When the handler […]

  • Thousands attend Monte Sano Art Festival

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Monte Sano Art Festival returned to North Alabama this weekend. Thousands showed up to see the artwork and meet artists from across the region. More than 150 artists from all over the country, made their way to Monte Sano State Park. “They’re from eleven states we have artists from as far as Chicago who came down to North Alabama to be a part of Monte Sano Art Festival,” said Daniela Perallon, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager […]

  • 24th annual fly-in encourages young people to consider Aviation

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — For its 24th year, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) held their annual grass field fly-in. Hundreds showed up to see around 200 aircraft on Saturday. For one, it was a very special day. “This is all I’d ever want for my birthday,” said Drew Freeman, a teenage pilot. Freeman turned 18 years old Saturday and has been flying for about three years. “It’s so unique. It’s peaceful yet it’s fun. It’s exhilarating. There needs to be more people […]

  • Silver Airways starts direct flights from Huntsville to Orlando

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — You can now fly directly between Huntsville and Orlando. Silver Airways launched their new service Thursday morning. Silver Airways is not only new to Huntsville, it’s new to Alabama. “We’re just really delighted to be in Huntsville, finally. We had some starts and stops, but we are here,” said Steve Rossum, the Chief Executive Officer of Silver Airway. “We’re committed to being in this market, we’re starting with our Saab 340, and I’m delighted to say that we’re […]

  • Sexual assault lawsuit against Decatur doctor turns attention towards his nurses

    DECATUR, Ala. — The civil case continues to grow against Decatur physician, Dr. Michael Dick. We learned in a court hearing Wednesday, plaintiff’s lawyers say at least 15 women are claiming they are victims of sexual assault by the doctor. The focus has now turned to the nurses who worked in his office. “We have reason to believe that the nurses did know what was going on and that no action was taken,” said Nick Lough, an attorney representing the plaintiffs. The […]

  • Rocket City runs to end homelessness and hunger

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — The First Church Community Service Center hosted their inaugural 5K run for homelessness and hunger. Organizers said the goal of the center is to eradicate homelessness and hunger in the community one person at a time. “One of the myths about homelessness is that people are homeless by choice,” said Debleaire Snell, the Senior Pastor First Seventh Day Adventist Church. “We found out that there are people that are degreed they’re very accomplished in their field. Just different […]

  • Wounded Warriors amputee softball team slides into Huntsville

    MADISON, Ala. — The Rocket City once again hosted a softball team made up of America’s heroes. The Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team travels the country inspiring others and raising money for a great cause. They stopped in Huntsville at Madison Academy to play a triple header. “Once you leave the service, you kind of lose that sense of giving back, service-oriented stuff,” said Brent Nadjadi, a member of the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team. “So I made it a goal […]

  • Local Sonic Drive-In crew competes in final round of national competition

    MADISON COUNTY Ala. — If you’re looking for top-ranked food and service, no need to find a fancy restaurant, just head to the Sonic Drive-In on County Line Road. The crew there is one of the top twelve in the entire country. The team is preparing to compete in the Dr. Pepper Sonic Games in Washington D.C. to win the national title. “If you’ve ever seen like a burger that’s kind of a normal burger, then you see my burger, you’ll […]

  • Fewer students turning to trades or skilled labor jobs

    MADISON COUNTY Ala. — Fewer and fewer young people are  learning trades or going into the skilled labor workforce. Construction companies say they can’t find new employees. Manufacturing firms say they can’t find skilled workers. “I’ve always had college in mind, that I wanted to go to college,” said 17-year-old Matt Dailey, a Huntsville High School student. “I think my parents kind of expect me to go to college, and get the kind of jobs that they have,” said 19-year-old […]

  • Childcare costs more than most mortgages or college tuition

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — For many people, paying the mortgage or college tuition can be some of the biggest checks you write, but a new report shows that childcare can bring an even bigger price tag. “Yes it was expensive,” said Nancy Wolfe, a parent of two kids. A report from Child Care Aware found that if you have two children in child care, you’re likely paying as much or more for their daytime care than you are on a mortgage. They also found in […]