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  • Secrets, loyalty, and danger test the limits this Friday on WHNT

    It’s your Friday night finale! We’re ending the week right, filling your lineup with crime fighting and adventure. Finding people and coming to rescue seems to be the theme this week. Jack receives an emergency distress signal who is being accused of terrorism in another country. Now he and the rest of the team must race against the clock to save their friend on MACGYVER. A vacationing father is kidnapped on his way to Honolulu. The HAWAII FIVE-0 team must […]

  • Motherhood, octopus aliens, and go-go boots bring out the laughs Thursday on WHNT

    Thursday night here on CBS starts comedic and then takes a turn towards the dramatic. THE BIG BANG THEORY starts us off with a perfect combination of the two. Penny and Leonard are faced with deciding whether it is the right time to start a family. It seems like everyone is partnering up on THE BIG BANG including Stuart and Raj! You won’t want to miss who their new love interests turn out to be. Mary is facing a dilemma […]

  • There’s strength, intellect and determination abound in Wednesday night’s CBS lineup

    Wednesday night’s lineup is a combination of strength, intellect and determination. Contestants battle the odds to determine who is the ultimate SURVIVOR. Jason and Bravo Team are in a race against time as American hostages are being held in the Gulf of Guinea in tonight’s episode of SEAL TEAM.  CRIMINAL MINDS is back for its 300th episode! Catching bad guys and solving crimes one episode at a time. Tonight the BAU team are in a race of their own. As […]

  • Tuesday night’s crimefighters have their hands full with murder, poison and terrorists

    Tuesday Night’s are made for crime fighting here on CBS. We’re starting the night with one of our favorites. NCIS starts us off with the case of a murdered Navy lieutenant. Last week we were taken on an adventure of fighting terrorism with the FBI team. This week the fatal poisoning of deli-goers has left the team stunned. See if you can figure out this unlikely culprit before they do! We’re finishing off the night with another favorite. NCIS: NEW […]

  • New neighbors, strange roommates and some very expensive tuna top Monday night’s CBS lineup

    It’s our favorite time of year here at WHNT! It’s fall launch week! Which means there are plenty of new shows for you to enjoy on CBS. CBS is kicking off week two of its fall launch with the new comedy THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Life is perfect for the Butler family. Their neighborhood is exactly the way they like it. At least until their new neighbors move in. Most of us have felt wary of a neighbor before, but this unlikely […]

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