Claire Johnson is the Digital Sales Coordinator here at WHNT News 19. Claire joined the ranks at WHNT in May 2016, and is thrilled to be part of such an amazing team.

Growing up, Claire split her time between upstate New York and Huntsville. She attended college at the State University of New York at Oswego where she majored in Broadcasting and Mass Communication. She then made her final move to settle down in Huntsville in the fall of 2009.

Claire is happy to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team, and loves working on the digital side of sales, where she is always learning something new.

Recent Articles
  • Look at native wild flowers to bring some color into your garden

    If you have a shaded or semi-shaded garden and you’re looking to add some perennial color, consider bringing in some native wild flowers. Here are a few varieties to look at: Bleeding Heart: This wild flower comes with red or white heart-shaped flowers and loves the shade. It’s early to bloom and will go dormant in the summer, but it will come back again next spring with more blooms. Celandine Poppy: Celandine poppy boasts a yellow flower and blooms in […]

  • Prune your Crape Myrtles without committing Crape Murder

    Crape Murder is the act of pruning your Crape Myrtles incorrectly, causing long-term damage to the plant. People may prune their Crape Myrtles in late winter and early spring because they think it blooms more in the summer. Others may prune because their Crape Myrtles are too large. But topping back the branches is referred to as Crape Murder. The Crape Myrtle will still grow back and have plenty of summer flowers, but the repeated pruning and regrowth at the […]

  • Fringe flower may have a home in your yard

    Chinese loropetalum, or fringe flower, is a very popular, colorful, and versatile landscape shrub. Most often you’ll see a maroon leaf with a fuchsia or red flower, but some varieties can have a green leaf or a white flower. Loropetalum prefer being in the sun, but they can tolerate the shade. They bloom in early spring, so if you want to prune them, wait until after flowering. Typically they are evergreen but you can expect some foliage to fall off […]

  • Magnolia varieties give you options for your landscape

    If you’re a southern gardener looking for a tree with shiny evergreen foliage and fragrant white flowers, a southern magnolia would be the perfect tree for you. Another great option for spring is a saucer magnolia, commonly called a tulip magnolia due to the flowers that grow on it resembling a tulip flower. These varieties lose all foliage over the winter, but they bloom very early in the spring when the first mild weather arrives. The best location to plant […]

  • Top 10 tips for driving on Alabama’s winter roads

    Winter driving can be daunting the first time you head into the snow. Preparing your vehicle for a winter road trip is a vital way to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Below we have compiled the top 10 winter driving tips to give you a safe and stress-free driving experience this winter.    Take fifteen minutes to do a pre-trip inspection.  Check your anti-freeze levels, heater, defroster and wipers. Put weather appropriate washer fluid (anti-ice) in your […]

  • It’s time to swap out your summer flowers for fall and winter

    Autumn has fallen upon us, which means it’s time to start planting your fall seasonal plants for the colder temperatures to come.  These could be violas, pansies, snapdragons, or a number of other fall-friendly flowers.  Around this time, some of your summer flowers may still look good, but they’ll need to be sacrificed in order to get the new flowers started and settled for the season.   When planting pansies, make sure your soil is loose with organic matter; they […]

  • Big plants can make a big statement in your landscape

    We already know that plants can come in all shapes and sizes.  Let’s take a look at two large plants that can make a big impact in your flowering landscape. First is angel trumpet, or Brugmansia.  Angel trumpet is a tropical, woody plant that can bloom in white, pink, purple, or yellow.  It thrives in warm temperatures and usually doesn’t start blooming until mid to late summer.  It’s a beautiful plant with large, drooping, trumpet-like flowers that are, but all […]

  • Why should you plant trees in the fall?

    We’re finally starting to see some cooler weather coming in, which means it’s a perfect time for planting.  At least, that’s what they always say.  Let’s take a look at why. In the fall, the temperature is mild, but the soil is still warm enough for root growth.  In order for trees to thrive, they must have strong roots, so as leaf development slows or ceases in the fall, trees have the opportunity to focus on roots instead. Watering is […]

  • Which Japanese Maple will you choose for your yard?

    Most gardeners are familiar with Japanese Maples and often use them for their colorful foliage, but there are a number of different varieties that can give you just the right look for your landscape. Japanese Maples are often categorized in two basic groups: the larger leaf palmatum varieties that are upright, or standard, and lacey leaf dissectum varieties that are often shorter and weeping.  There are exceptions, of course, to the size and shape of each variety; you could find […]

  • Don’t forget about your fruit plants this fall

    Fruits like muscadines and other berries reach the end of their harvest season by early fall, but this is not the time to forget about these plants.  There are a few things you’ll want to do through the fall to get it ready for next year. To produce fruit, keep watering the plant or vine until they go dormant for winter.  If there are any fruits or berries left on the plant, pick them off.  Leaving dried or poor-quality fruit […]

  • Cumberland false rosemary is a native alternative to true rosemary

    You’re probably familiar with the popular herb, rosemary, with its fragrant foliage and blue flowers in the summer.  But did you know there’s another plant that’s both very similar and quite different?  Conradina Verticillata, also called Cumberland false rosemary, has many similarities to true rosemary and is native to Tennessee and Kentucky. Cumberland false rosemary makes a low, spreading, evergreen ground cover, preferring sandy soil with infrequent water.  While common rosemary often blooms with lavender blue flowers, Cumberland false rosemary […]

  • Some perennials are triggered to bloom in the late summer and fall

    Spring and summer are the seasons for plants to be lush and blooming, but as our temperatures start to cool down and we start turning to fall, a lot of these plants begin to fade and finish.  However there are some perennials that recognize this time of year as the time to begin blooming.  Here are few of these varieties. Anemone has lush foliage throughout the summer, but only blooms in the fall with long-stemmed flowers.  Chelone, also called Turtle […]