Claire Johnson is the Digital Sales Coordinator here at WHNT News 19. Claire joined the ranks at WHNT in May 2016, and is thrilled to be part of such an amazing team.

Growing up, Claire split her time between upstate New York and Huntsville. She attended college at the State University of New York at Oswego where she majored in Broadcasting and Mass Communication. She then made her final move to settle down in Huntsville in the fall of 2009.

Claire is happy to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team, and loves working on the digital side of sales, where she is always learning something new.

Recent Articles
  • Try Jackson Vine on your porch or arbor

    If you’re looking for a nice evergreen vine to cover your porch, pergola, or arbor, you may want to take a look at Smilax, also known as Jackson Vine. Jackson Vine has been around for a long time, and is often used to hang over entrances of old historic homes downtown. It’s an easy plant to grow and should do well in sun or shade. The variety Smilax Smali has some thorns, but only at the base of the vine. […]

  • Ornamental grasses can add texture to your landscape

    When planning out your landscape, it’s always good to consider a plant’s size, foliage color, and possible blooms. But also be sure to take into consideration the plant’s texture. Ornamental grasses can offer great texture to add into your landscape. Most ornamental grasses prefer sun and don’t need much water once established. Depending on the variety, grasses can grow anywhere from two to ten feet tall and offer different blooms and textures. Carly Rose Penacieden is a dwarf with small, […]

  • Native hibiscus can grow here in Alabama

    If you’ve ever been to a tropical location, you’ve likely seen different varieties of Hibiscus flowers. But here in Alabama a tropical Hibiscus won’t last more than one summer without the help of a greenhouse. Luckily we have a native Hibiscus that thrive and return in your garden. Native hibiscus is often called Rose Mallow or Swamp Rose. It prefers sun and moist soil, and can tolerate the wet areas in your garden. It’s hearty from Alabama to Michigan, but […]

  • CLOSED: Tablet giveaway from Shoals Shift

    Enter below to win a brand new tablet from Shoals Shift! Winner will be chosen on August 1 – enter today! See rules for specific prize details.

  • What to plant in your shade garden

    A shade garden is a landscape area with four hours or less of direct sun. If you have a shade garden, here are some ideas of what you can plant and how to be successful. First, the shade is typically created by a tree, or many trees. Remember these shade makers use quite a bit of water and have competing root systems. As such, if it’s practical, consider using a shallow raised bed for planting new shrubs. When choosing your […]

  • Successfully grow a fig tree in your yard

    Do you have plenty of room in your sunny yard and want an easy to grow fruit? Try fig! Here are some tips on how to successfully grow a fig tree in your yard. Figs require full sun and warm weather to thrive, so make sure you have a large, sunny area where you can plant. In other parts of the world, some figs will grow to be 50 feet tall, but around here in north Alabama, figs are more […]

  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea: the official state wildflower of Alabama

    Oak Leaf Hydrangea is the official Alabama State Wildflower. They’re grown in all sections of Alabama, and when it starts to bloom in May and June, it’s hard to miss. The botanical name is Hydrangea Quercifolia, which means Oak foliage, due to its resemblance to an Oak Tree leaf. All Oak Leaf Hydrangeas bloom with creamy white flowers in late May to June, but the flowers don’t last all summer. As the flowers mature, their petals go through shades of […]

  • Daylilies shine in your summer garden

    The temperature’s warm, the sun is high in the sky, and the Daylilies are beginning to bloom. Daylily is a dependable perennial that can be easy to grow. The flowers of Daylily only last from one morning until the next night, but even though the blooms only last for a day or so, there are multiple blooms waiting in line to open over the next few weeks. They can flower in almost all colors of the rainbow; yellows, oranges, reds, […]

  • Pruning can take your plants to the next level

    Sunshine, fertilizer, and water are the only things you need to grow beautiful seasonal, annual, and perennial flowers, but with a little pruning here and there, you can take your flowers from good to great. Here’s a look at how deadheading and trimming can make a difference in your plants. As flowers finish blooming, some varieties hold their old flowers on the plant while seeds may mature in the old flower bud. By leaving the old bloom, energy is used […]

  • Bagworms may be affecting your evergreens

    If you have evergreens, such as Cedar, Juniper, or Arborvitae, there’s a good chance that you will have to deal with Bagworms at some point. Bagworms are small caterpillars that feed on plants, and especially evergreens. It’s often hard to see the caterpillars because they disguise themselves with bits of silk and foliage from the plants that they’re eating. What you may see are their bags, which look like cones or branches hanging from the plant. These bags are left […]

  • Get the most out of your potted plants year round

    Potted plants make great decorations around your garden or patio. And you may not realize it, but all plants can grow in pots. The question is how long do you expect them to stay in the pots. Here are some tips for having permanent potted plants in your garden. In comparison with planting in the ground, a potted plant will be dryer in the summer and colder in the winter. So, you may have to water more often during the […]

  • Hydrangea’s not blooming? This may be the reason.

    If you have a Big Leaf Hydrangea or French Hydrangea, and you’ve noticed that it does not flower every year, we may be able to explain why. Big Leaf Hydrangea blooms on the previous year’s growth. That is to say, they need last year’s stem for this year’s blooms. If anything causes last year’s growth to be gone before this spring, there’s a good chance you will not have any flowers this season. Here are a couple reasons you may […]