Claire Johnson is the Digital Sales Coordinator here at WHNT News 19. Claire joined the ranks at WHNT in May 2016, and is thrilled to be part of such an amazing team.

Growing up, Claire split her time between upstate New York and Huntsville. She attended college at the State University of New York at Oswego where she majored in Broadcasting and Mass Communication. She then made her final move to settle down in Huntsville in the fall of 2009.

Claire is happy to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team, and loves working on the digital side of sales, where she is always learning something new.

Recent Articles
  • Proper pruning helps ensure your big leaf hydrangea blooms each year

    We’re well into May which means the big leaf Hydrangeas around the area should be close to full flower.  If you have one at home and have experienced years where it doesn’t flower, it may be because you’re pruning it at the wrong time. Most big leaf or french hydrangeas form bloom buds in the late summer for the following spring.  If stems are pruned over the winter, or frozen by late spring frost, they may not bloom. Endless Summer, […]

  • Summer flower Angelonia loves days in the sunshine

    Are you looking for a flower for that hot, sunny spot in your garden?  Perhaps one that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance work?  Angelonia might be the plant you’re looking for. Often called summer snapdragon, Angelonia resembles a small snapdragon flower.  The foliage is fragrant, with some saying it smells of apples or grape soda.  Certain varieties can grow to about 18 inches tall, so it could be good as a tall thriller if planted with other flowers. Angelonia […]

  • Clematis may be the perfect vine for your landscape

    Springtime often brings up questions about vines that bloom more than once a season and that can be established as a permanent part of a landscape.  Many vines that are permanent may not bloom more than once, and vines that bloom all summer often have to be replaced each year.  But Clematis could fill both requirements; it blooms more than once, and it’s long lived. To grow Clematis, make sure you have loose and well-drained soil  The top of the […]

  • Calibrachoa can add a variety of color to your garden with its numerous flowers

    Petunias are a popular plant for the garden, which makes calibrachoa a great choice, too. It resembles a tiny petunia and has numerous tiny bell shaped flowers.  They make great mounding and trailing plants for plots and baskets, and can also be used as a summer ground cover.  Calibrachoa come in a variety of colors and bicolors, with some varieties offering double blooms. Calibrachoa need at least five to six hours of sun, water as needed, and occasional fertilizer.  If […]

  • Insect repellant plants can keep bothersome bugs at bay

    Spending some quality time with your flowers in the late spring and summer can be a joy, but if you’re bothered by mosquitoes or other insects in your garden, you may not want to spend as much time outside.  Sprays can help keep these bugs away, but there are several plants that can work as natural insect repellants.  There are many to choose from – here are a few: There are many herbs that can help repel bugs, but some […]

  • Try new or old varieties of Petunia in your garden

    The Petunia has been a popular flower for decades, but over the past 10-20 years, flower breeding has expanded how many varieties of petunia are out there.  Some of the new varieties may act or look different than the regular garden petunia. Normal garden petunia comes in several colors ranging from white, red, pink, and purple.  These classic petunias typically need their spent flowers pulled off in order for the plant to have a clean look.  It’ll also allow for […]

  • Attract pollinators to your garden with these spring plants

    When thinking about attracting pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, it’s easy to think about summer flowering plants.  But there are some spring plants that can bring pollinators and shouldn’t be overlooked. Hellebores, or Lenten Rose, blooms as early as February and can continue until Easter.  Calanthus (also called Snowdrops) and Muscari (known as Gray Piothis) are also early bloomers that are loaded with pollen. Fruit trees such as peach and apple will bloom in the spring and are great […]

  • Make sure your plants don’t get overwatered, no matter how much rain we get

    We got a bit of rain this past winter.  Okay, a lot of rain.  So when you’re taking stock of your garden this year, you may find that some of your plants haven’t faired well from the abundance of water.  Some plants might get a chance to dry out on bright, sunny days, but some might be suffering from root rot, or may have drowned altogether.  Here are some tips on what to do when planting new plants to insure […]

  • Allergy-friendly plants can help keep your garden’s pollen levels low

    Spring means two things:  plants coming back to life with new leaves and bright flowers, and pollen.  Here are a few suggestions of ‘allergy friendly’ plants that have heavy, sticky pollen or little to no pollen at all. Some shrubs and flowers have a sticky pollen that doesn’t tend to blow in the wind, like hydrangeas and begonias. Columbine and Snap Dragon plants certainly have pollen, but the flowers tend to hide the pollen, making it hard for the pollen […]

  • Ready to get back in the garden? Here’s what you can start planting now

    Spring is on it’s way, and if you like gardening, you’re probably eager to get back in the yard.  But during this time North Alabama still has temperature fluctuations that may bring in cold weather that’s risky to some plants.  So what’s safe to plant now, and what needs to wait until warmer weather comes in? Permanent landscape plants, like shrubs and trees, should be fine to plant now.  You can also get your cool season vegetables started.  Try lettuces, […]

  • THE BRACKET CHALLENGE: Track Your Progress

    Registration is now closed.  Follow our Live Blog coverage of the first round of games March 21 and 22, and remember to come back to pick your bracket for the Sweet 16.  It’s NCAA Tournament time, and we’ve got a bracket waiting for you! Sign up and make your picks before the first game starts on Thursday, March 21. You’ll have a chance to enter your 64-pick, 16-pick, and 4-pick brackets, and at the end of the tournament, you could […]

  • PAINT THE ROCKET: Submit your artwork for a chance to design the WHNT News 19 rocket!

      The submission period has ended for this contest.  Look for our winner at Panoply.   WHNT News 19 has an unpainted model of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS).  Would you like WHNT to commission you to paint it? We’re looking for experienced artists or professionals to design a memorable theme for our rocket, and we’ll give one grand prize winner a $500 VISA gift card to help bring an idea to life in April 2019. This year is the […]

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