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  • Entrepreneur uses coffee grounds to make sunglasses

    Ditching plastic is a growing trend for companies around the world. A coffee shop in Ukraine has come up with an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sunglasses: glasses made with coffee waste. Max Havrylenko turns coffee grounds into designer eye wear at his company “Ochis Coffee.” He says: “It’s durable and fully functionality like other plastic glasses, but it’s organic ones.” The glasses are made from a caffeinated blend of grounds, flax, and vegetable oil. Even the lenses are made from […]

  • Report says extreme weather making invasive insects worse

    From the hemlock woolly adelgid to the emerald ash borer to the mountain pine beetle, invasive insects are killing large swaths of our nation’s forests. According to a new report, extreme weather events linked to climate change – like droughts and flooding – are making the problem even worse. Forester Jason Denham is fighting an invasion that’s killing trees across the northeast. The hemlock woolly adelgid is hard to see with the naked eye, but the tiny invasive species of […]

  • Consumer tipping study shows men, millennials are not the best tippers

    How much do you tip? A new study finds some people are more generous than others. Ted Rossman with says, “We found that in general, men and millennials are the worst tippers. Which means that women and baby boomers, generally speaking, are better tippers.” And who gets a tip varies greatly. Seventy-seven percent of all people surveyed say they always leave something to servers at a restaurant. But the numbers drop with food delivery people, hairdressers and taxi and […]

  • Muscle Shoals PD to be on Lip Sync to the Rescue special on CBS Monday, Sept 9; Vote to help them win!!

    The Muscle Shoals Police Department has made it to the finals of the #LipSyncChallenge competition for their viral lip-sync and they need your help to win! Inspired by the recent viral video phenomenon #LipSyncChallenge, CBS announced a new one-hour entertainment special, Lip Sync to the Rescue, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, star of CBS’ hit comedy The Neighborhood, to broadcast Monday, Septemeber 9 on the CBS Television Network. Lip Sync to the Rescue is an interactive countdown special where viewers vote for their […]

  • Scientists create a ‘fake tongue’ to taste-test for knock-off whisky

    A report out last year found more than a third of rare and collectible Scotch whiskies were fake. Engineers in Scotland have created new technology to taste the difference. The demand for high-end whisky is increasing in the United States and around the world. But with the rise of this lucrative spirit comes the knockoffs. Now, Scottish scientists hope to separate the real deal from the counterfeit. Researchers are using what they call an artificial tongue that has over 2 […]

  • A pot of this tea costs $600

    A swanky hotel in London is serving up the UK’s most expensive cup of tea at $600 a pot. The Rubens at the Palace in London offers the unique brew called Golden Tips. It costs $200 a gram, nearly four times the price of gold. White-gloved waiters use golden tongs to weigh the lavish leaves, then steep them in hot mineral water before serving. Dananjaya Silva with P.M. David Silva & Sons says, “You’ll notice that the cup color actually […]

  • Red light runners causing more deaths, AAA says

    A new report from AAA shows the number of people killed by drivers running red lights is on the rise. Doug Shupe is a AAA spokesperson. He says, “Sometimes they do it by accident, other times, you know, they purposely try to get through that red light.” Shupe says new research shows the number of deaths resulting from drivers running red lights is at a 10-year high. AAA analyzed all red light crashes from 2017, the most recent data available, […]

  • David Koch, conservative donor and philanthropist, has died at age 79

    Billionaire conservative icon David Koch has died at age 79, CBS News has confirmed, according to a source close to the Koch family. The New York resident was suffering from deteriorating health as of late, according to a letter Koch’s older brother Charles Koch sent to company officials last summer. He wrote at the time: “We are deeply saddened by this, as we miss David’s insightful questions and his many contributions to Koch Industries.” Charles released a statement on his […]

  • Parents pledge to keep smartphones out of their children’s hands

    Thousands of parents all over the country are taking a pledge to wait to give their child a smartphone. 7-year-old Felix loves to play and color. Some of his first grade friends already have their own phones – but not Felix. His mom, Nilopher Naqvi, says her son is too young. “I feel like they’re not developed enough yet to understand the implications of putting things up online,” she said. Naqvi – along with the parents of some of Felix’s […]

  • West Nile virus is a major U.S. health concern as season peaks

    The U.S. is on alert for West Nile virus. It’s the most common virus transmitted by mosquitoes, and cases pick up right around this time of the year. You may have noticed more of those pesky mosquitoes biting recently – and whether they could be carrying West Nile virus is a big health concern now. 36 states are reporting infections in people, birds, and mosquitoes. Dr. Peter Hotez is with Baylor College of Medicine. “We’re right now at around the […]

  • Experts advise parents to monitor their children’s phone apps

    We used to only have to worry about who was lurking outside of our home. Now, we worry about who we bring home with us. Tiktok, Snapchat, and Tinder. There is an app for everything nowadays, but if you don’t monitor your kids, they can be vulnerable to predators or cyber bullying. Many of these apps make it easy for strangers to prey on children because they allow anyone to contact and direct message your child. Some apps, like Snapchat […]

  • Retailers offer bulletproof backpacks

    With kids going back to class soon, parents are thinking about getting school supplies. But some might be surprised by what they see on the shelves at some stores. Backpacks come in all shapes and colors, but now there’s one that can stop a gunshot. Office Depot is among the retailers selling bullet proof backpacks. Marisol Rodriguez is thinking about getting one for her teenager. “Do I have that much money to spend on it? No I do not,” she […]

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