Alex Stokes is an Anchor/Reporter at WHNT News 19. The New Jersey native moved here a year ago and is grateful to be serving the people of the Tennessee Valley.

After studying History and Communications at the George Washington University, Alex went on to intern at WJW in Cleveland, Ohio.

In her spare time, Alex likes to hike, sing and play golf. She is also a big foodie and is excited to try out some great southern cooking!

If you have a tip, story or just want to say hey you can reach her at

Recent Articles
  • Improper holding temperatures and broken equipment found in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

    Madison County The Brickhouse Sports Cafe 7 Town Center Dr. NW, Huntsville, AL 35806 Score: 78 Violations: The inspector found the following at improper holding temperatures: Tomatoes at 47F Lettuce at 48F Shredded cheese at 50F Residue found in ice chute. Hand sink in disrepair. Conveying sewage found on ground at grease bin. All violations were corrected by the follow-up. _______________________________________________________________ Madison County Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill 8044 Hwy 72 W, Madison, AL 35757 Score: 84 Missing paper towels at […]

  • Hobbs Island Pit Stop serving up ‘The Stokes,’ ‘The Ivy,’ and ‘The Killimayer’

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There’s been some changes to the menu at Hobbs Island Pit Stop in Huntsville. Our recent “Restaurant Ratings Clean Plate Recommendation” is now featuring sandwiches such as “The Stokes,” “The Ivy,” and “The Killimayer.” Of course, we had to test them out. So Christine Killimayer, Jerry Hayes and I ventured down to the mom and pop business. Jerry may have been disappointed when he didn’t see his name on the menu. “What am I? Chopped Liver?” he […]

  • Sour cream and cheese at improper temperatures at Huntsville restaurant

    Madison County Golden Corral 4920 University Dr, Huntsville, AL 35816 Score: 79 Violations: During cold holding in reach-in cooler cheese 55ºF, sour cream 60ºF. On buffet bar cheesecake did not have time stamp on it and was 51ºF. Residue in ice machine. During hot holding chicken 119ºF, 120ºF, and 122ºF, pizza 107ºF, cheese sticks 108ºF, and black-eyed peas 125ºF. __________________________________________________ Limestone County Burger King 1111 S Jefferson St., Athens, AL 35611 Score: 79 Violations: Clean ice maker. Milk 46ºF-48ºF. Hands […]

  • No road races at Monte Sano State Park for the “immediate future” under new policy

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Two Huntsville Labor Day weekend races that started decades ago, will not run. Typically held on Monte Sano — the park has a new policy that will prevent the race from happening. “Road races are about being fast. Serious runners going as fast as they can,” Eric Fritz, president Huntsville Track Club. But zero miles per hour will be the speed at the 2019 Monte Sano Road Races 5k and 10k. The Huntsville Track Club’s organized events […]

  • Flies and raw burgers at improper temperatures on recent health reporters

    Madison County Wendy’s 2800 S Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, AL 35801 Score: 83 Violations: Nozzle for ice cream machine is cracked. Wash temperature was 105 F with dishes in it. Raw burgers were held at 53°F and shredded cheese was 48°F. Follow up: the violation was not corrected. Burgers were at 45°F and 44°F. A notice of intent to suspend (NOIS) their permit was issued. The nozzle on the drink machine had residue on it. The drink nozzle was clean at […]

  • 2 Huntsville restaurants given warnings after critical violations not corrected by follow up visit

    Madison County Hooters 4729 NW University, Huntsville, AL 35816 Score: 81 Violations: Conveying sewage found at grease bin. During the time of follow up, conveying sewage was still present on the ground at grease bin. Notice of intent to suspend (NOIS) permit issued Bulk of shrimp in reach in cooler 50F. Violation corrected by the follow-up __________________________________________________ Cajun Steamer 301 Pelham Ave SW #1, Huntsville, AL 35801 Score: 80 Violations: Food was at improper cold holding temperatures In reach-in cooler: […]

  • Madison County Schools start school year with opioid overdose reversal medication

    MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Students in Madison County are now on their second week of school. The district is starting this school year with a potentially life-saving device. “We have the antidote, we have Narcan. Why would we choose not to use it?” said Donna Stiles, lead nurse of for the district. Hopefully, they’ll never have to but for the first time, Madison County Schools have naloxone. Carried by the brands Narcan and Evzio, it’s a tool in their arsenal […]

  • Worried about your kid’s heavy backpack? Here are some tips to ease the burden

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As you put your child’s backpack on in the morning, you may want to make a couple adjustments. With all of the electronics, textbooks, even water and lunch, the backpack’s weight can add up. A lot of times you’ll see students with their backpacks slung over one shoulder or hunching forward from the weight. Huntsville chiropractor David Land recommends using both straps that are correctly positioned and tightened for comfort. He also says proper weight distribution is […]

  • Mold in ice maker and on drink machine nozzles found during Morgan County health inspection

    Morgan County McDonald’s 1208 6th Ave SE, Decatur, AL 35601 Score: 76 Violations: Food was held at improper temperatures. Liquid eggs at 49ºF The was a large grease spill in the dumpster area. There was mold in the ice maker and on the drink machine nozzles. The egg and mold violations were corrected by the follow up. __________________________________________________ Taqueria Acapulco 2109 AL-20, Decatur, AL 35601 Score: 81 Violations: There was no backflow preventer on a hose connected to a faucet […]

  • Broken and dirty equipment found during recent health inspections

    Limestone County Buffalo Wild Wings 22099 US Hwy 72 E, Athens, AL 35613 Score: 79 Violations: The inspector found the water temperature for the back hand sink was too low. Three compartment kitchen sinks didn’t have enough sanitizer. The dish machine did not reach the minimum temperature for proper sanitization. A handwashing sink was being used as a dump sink. __________________________________________________ Madison County Greenbrier Restaurant 27028 Old Hwy 20, Madison, AL 35756 Score: 80 Violations: Damaged fryer baskets. The dish […]

  • Trash Panda merchandise store re-opens in new Bridge Street location

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Trash Panda presence in Huntsville is increasing — literally. Monday morning, the team’s merchandise store moved into a new and larger space at Bridge Street Town Center. The new space is not far from their previous location. People were lined up waiting for the doors to open to take a peek inside and check out some of the merchandise they may not have seen on shelves before. “Very well-organized and all the stuff is really cool […]

  • Unlabeled bleach bottles and residue in ice chutes at Morgan and Madison County restaurants

    Morgan County Hibachi Express 1720 6th Ave SE #5904, Decatur, AL 35601 Score: 85 Violations: Bleach bottles were not labeled in the kitchen. Broccoli was being held at holding at 64ºF. The last violation was corrected on site during the inspection. ___________________________________________________ Madison County Las Trojas Cantina Mexican Restaurant 7840 Hwy 72 W, Madison, AL 35758 Score: 83 Violations: Tomatoes found in aluminum container 63F.CMB 7/17/2019 15 Residue found in both ice chutes of ice machines in the kitchen. Follow up: the […]

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