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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – 50 years have gone by since man first landed on the moon. We’ve been remembering the astronauts and engineers that helped us get there and the people behind the scenes that made it possible.

For a mission as great as putting a man on the moon, many people had to get involved.

“My first job, I came in, I was doing what I had done for Graham. I was buying supplies,” said Richard Houchens, a retired NASA employee.

From selling paper to selling rocket parts, Richard Houchens was a NASA contract specialist for 25 years. He witnessed first hand the evolution of NASA in Huntsville from an idea to a space hub.

“The center was just growing. We were in the Twickenham hotel, which is still downtown,” said Houchens.

The task was immense, but to Houchens, knowing the program had the support of President John F. Kennedy helped him embrace the challenge.

“It was inspiring, I’ll just say that,” said Houchens.

Wernher Von Braun was also a key factor. Houchens said, “He was a good communicator for some reason, I mean for good reason, he got us all on board.”

Now, all of those who were a part of it can look back and know that their mission was a success.

“I’m proud, I really am,” said Houchens.