Governor Kay Ivey issues statement in support of President Trump

Governor Kay Ivey issued a statement Friday, supporting President Donald Trump.

The statement came amid continued impeachment hearings.

Gov. Ivey called the hearings “an injustice.” The statement said in part:

“We are witnessing an injustice on our democracy. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are making an attempt to impeach the president through the press via leaks and conjecture. This appears to be purely political when you offer no due process and zero transparency. When we elected President Trump in 2016, Alabamians and the American people sought progress. We wanted stronger infrastructure, a booming economy, and security for all American citizens. President Trump and his Administration are fighting to do that.”

Ivey further stated, “I say Congress should take a page out of our book here in Alabama. Our achievements are accomplished through strong, bipartisan efforts, and we are seeing great progress for that. President Trump has my steadfast and full support as he works to better our nation.”

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