Google Fiber launches new service area in West Huntsville, local resident is “excited”

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Tuesday morning, Google Fiber confirmed some rumors initially posted on Reddit: They’re expanding their footprint in West Huntsville.

A Fiber spokesperson confirmed the new service area was near Ziert and Martin Roads, praising the company’s partnership with Huntsville Utilities.

“Just today, we launched Google Fiber service for customers near Zierdt Road and Martin Road. This adds to our availability elsewhere in Huntsville, including in parts of North and South Huntsville, Big Cove, and Downtown. We’re continuing to open new neighborhoods for sign up as Huntsville Utilities finishes construction in an area. Working with Huntsville Utilities, we’ve been able to get truly fast Internet to Huntsville residents more quickly. We appreciate their partnership and look forward to working together for years to come.”

Chad Shenk, who lives in the Shadow Springs neighborhood, couldn’t be more excited about the service expansion, and already has plans for the upgrades.

“I run a local Plex server, so being able to stream my local library across personal devices remotely on Gigabit internet will be great,” he said.

Plex is a free application that allows anybody to run a home server on a standard computer, streaming their movies and music anywhere they have an internet connection.

Gigabit internet speeds also come with another plus: Reduced latency, which means less buffering during video chats, but for Shenk, the reduced latency will have another benefit.

“I plan to build a home security system that allows for instant monitoring anywhere from my smartphone.”

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