Configuring Live Alert 19 To Keep You Safe

What settings should I have so Live Alert 19 can keep me safe?: Live Alert 19 is a powerful tool to keep you safe and informed when impactful weather is on the way, but ensuring the app is set up the right way is important.

iPhone: In your iPhone settings, scroll down to Live Alert 19, then check to see that you are allowing notifications, and that sound and badges are on.

Make sure location is set to Always, so that the app can use your GPS location to give you accurate warnings.

Android: Different Android phones will have different looking settings, but make sure that notifications and push notifications are ON and that location tracking is ALWAYS ON to ensure that you receive warning information based on your GPS location.

This is also a good time to make sure that your weather radio is in working order. Test the alert on the radio, make sure it has fresh batteries, and if you have a weather radio that has an on/off switch, make sure it’s turned to the on position.


Meteorologist Alex Puckett




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