Trash bags filled with narcotics stolen from Huntsville Omnicare

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Huntsville police are investigating a pharmacy burglary from Sunday where thousands of dollars of narcotics were stolen.

Investigators are searching for two suspects who burglarized Omnicare on Old Madison Pike, taking with them two trash bags filled with narcotics.

Omnicare is a long-term care pharmacy owned by CVS. They dispense prescriptions to places like nursing homes and assisted living communities.

Lt. Michael Johnson with Huntsville police said after the incident, Omnicare shared surveillance footage of "two individuals that had been inside and left with two large bags with thousands of dollars worth of narcotics."

"On the surveillance footage, the bags of narcotics they left with were not in the area, dropped in the area anywhere, so they did leave with them," says Lt. Johnson.

WHNT News 19 spoke with a CVS representative that said the stolen drugs were not highly addictive, but Lt. Johnson says they can still be misused.

"Falling into the wrong hands... they can be misused," says Lt. Johnson. "Any prescribed narcotic that goes into even young hands, teenager hands, that's something that we want to look out for and want to make sure they don't hit the streets."

Police are asking for the community's help to prevent it. "If they see anything unusual with somebody selling narcotics in high quantities, we urge them to give us a call so we can investigate," says Lt. Johnson.

In addition to the stolen drugs, Huntsville police say the suspects caused property damage.

"There was forced entry," says Lt. Johnson. "Any time there was forced entry, we utilize the K-9 dog." Huntsville police used a K-9 dog to try and track the suspects on Sunday but did not find anything.

Police continue to search for the suspects and for the stolen drugs.

If you have any information about the crime, you can contact Huntsville police at (256) 746-4135.

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