Ohio State Marching Band performs ‘One Giant Leap’ halftime show

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Marching Band performed a tribute to the moon landing during their halftime show on October 6.

The stellar performance features the following:

  • Approximately 2:55 is the ‘Saturn V launch’
  • Approximately 3:40 to 3:55 is the ‘Extravehicular Activity/Spacewalk’
  • Approximately 4:25 to 4:45 is the ‘Lunar Module’ marching across the field
  • Approximately 4:59 to 5:05 is ‘Man landing on the moon with flag’
  • Approximately 8:15 to 8:19 is ‘SMALL STEP’ spelled out on the field
  • Approximately 8:24 to 8:30 is ‘GIANT LEAP’ spelled out on the field
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