Cold Fronts Are Coming. Hallelujah!

Cold Front #1: Temperatures will be in the upper 90s and perhaps a few low 100s to kick off this week, but there is relief in sight.

Our first front moves through Thursday night and knocks us out of the 90s.

Cold front #1 moves through Thursday. While this front is not likely to bring meaningful rain, it will help to knock temperatures back a bit. This isn’t fall weather we’re talking about here.

It’s not quite fall, but the upper 80s are going to feel nice compared to what we’re dealing with to start this week.

Hey, considering we’ll be at or close to 100° to start this week, upper 80s aren’t all that bad! But this is just the amuse bouche before the big cooldown arrives.

Cold front #2: The second front will bring more relief to the heat, and even bring some higher rain chances too!

Our second front brings us our first real taste of fall!

This is the front we’ve all been waiting for. And we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer. This front will move through Monday, and bring with it some honest to goodness fall weather.

There’s still uncertainty with exactly how cool we will get.

There’s still model uncertainty with exactly how cool we get (note how wide those box and whisker plots get after Monday), but it’s safe to say the cooldown will be significant enough that you might get to dust off those jackets, at least for the cooler mornings!


Meteorologist Alex Puckett



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