Mailbox bandit steals 15 mailboxes off poles in Ardmore

Data pix.

ARDMORE, Ala. - Saturday morning an entire street in Ardmore woke up with not only their mail having been stolen but their entire mailboxes.

Mary Nickas has lived on Elkwood Section Road for 14 years and says nothing like this has ever happened.

“My neighbor called me and said ‘what happened to our mailboxes?’ and I said, what do you mean?”

Sure enough, sometime late Friday night, a mailbox bandit had wreaked havoc up and down the street.

“There were 15 mailboxes stolen," Nickas said. "And all the mail in those mailboxes is gone.”

Mailboxes were either knocked down or torn off the pole. Two boxes were found empty in a nearby field.

“They had a reason to do this," Nickas said. "If it was just vandalism, or to upset people. Well, they did a good job on me.”

But Mary, her neighbors, and investigators do have one burning question... "Why did they take the whole mailbox with them?"

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. They said anyone caught could receive several misdemeanor theft charges for the mailbox and its contents.

And if personal data is tampered with, more serious charges are possible.

"I’m just really hoping and praying that the ones that did this will be caught and prosecuted," Nickas said.

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