Droughts impact more than lawns across Alabama

Many people in the southeast have not seen a drop of rain for quite some time.

The need for water goes beyond keeping lawns green – it impacts the livelihoods of farmers across the state.

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in Alabama, and many farmers are hoping for rain.

According to government research, almost 2 million Alabamians are seeing abnormally dry conditions.

A little over 33-percent of the state is in a drought and more than 12-percent of the state is at a moderate level.

Farmers are doing their best to cope.

Researchers say some of the crops that will be impacted by the drought include wheat, peanuts, and cotton.

The farming industry employs more than 550,000 people in the state.

The industry brings in more than $21 billion in wages and more than $8 billion in taxes are collected through these industries.

The dry conditions are not only bad for crops; they can also be dangerous. In the last 30 days, Alabama Forestry Commission wildland firefighters have battled 192 wildfires burning well over 2,000 acres of land across the state.

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