New Development Soon In Far East Atlantic

Thankfully Humberto moves away from the United States in the coming days. Rip currents are the main threat along with rough surf from the Carolinas to Florida. The next system is in the far east Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center gives the system a 60% chance of development over the next couple of days with a 90% chance in the next five days.

Here is the text from the National Hurricane Center:

1. Showers and thunderstorms have increased this morning in association
with a small low pressure system located over the central tropical
Atlantic.  Satellite data also indicate that the low has become
better defined, and environmental conditions are expected to be
conducive for the formation of a tropical depression during the next
couple of days while the system moves slowly northwestward to


The next name on the list is “Imelda.”

WHNT News 19 Discussion

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