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Downburst brings high winds to Huntsville

Strong storm in Huntsville today: We mentioned that a few isolated strong storms were possible today. That’s because storms had a lot of energy to tap in to to become quite large, then they would collapse on themselves.

When storms collapse on themselves, strong winds can occur.

This collapse is called a downburst. Essentially all the mass in the cloud just plummets to earth, and then spreads out in all directions. Here’s a view of the downburst today in Huntsville.

Downburst courtesy of Joshua Rivas

When that happens, heavy rain and gusty winds are likely, and that’s exactly what we saw today. We measured 59 mph winds and saw some pea size hail here in downtown.

59 mph wind gust measured at WHNT

This storm didn’t have a warning, but it still caused quite the impact. These are the kind of storms that Live Alert 19 can give you an advanced heads up for. Download the Live Alert 19 app for iOS or Android.

– Meteorologist Alex Puckett

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