Serious September heat and some spotty, heavy storms next week

It’s dry. It’s hot. Carry on.

Saturday and Sunday bring even hotter weather; it’s hard to get much drier than it is right now, though! Huntsville International has not had measurable rain in ten days. The weekend makes it twelve with no rain expected for either Saturday or Sunday.

It will be breezy at times Saturday with a north-northwest wind up to 20 miles per hour. That breeze makes it dry, but it certainly won’t be bringing any cool weather with it.

Pushing 100°F next week: We like to be optimistic about the weather, but it’s hard to deny the reality of next week’s heat. It’s not record-setting heat, but we could touch 100°F on Monday and Tuesday (with a heat index up to 105°F).

Scattered heavy storms: Assuming we see no rain through Monday, that will be thirteen in a row with no rain in Huntsville; ten of those days will have had highs at or above 90°F.

Rain does appear possible again starting Tuesday afternoon; however, it will come in individual, hit-or-miss thunderstorms. These are the kind that can rain more than one inch over a few square miles of a city (a few neighborhoods) while others nearby just see dark clouds and feel a breeze.

We’ll be watchful for a threat of strong winds with storms next week. Some could have what we call ‘microbursts’ in them. A microburst is a ‘convective downdraft (downburst) that covers an area less than 4 km along a side with peak winds that last 2–5 minutes.’

In everyday language, that’s a quick blast of intense winds that can cause some significant damage over small areas; they are also very difficult to warn for in advance, so if you happen to get a storm next week, be on the lookout for this kind of sneak attack!

Several storms have produced this quick microbursts including those on August 21st.

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