New study shows Alabama contractors have trouble filling skilled positions

Engineering diagram blueprint paper drafting project sketch architectural. industrial drawing detail and several drawing tools

If you’re looking for a job, you may want to consider the construction field.

A new report by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America finds that 73% of Alabama contractors cannot fill their skilled positions. There are many jobs still unfilled in construction firms across the state.

The industry-wide survey found that 80% of construction firms nationwide are having a hard time filling their positions. Alabama is still doing better than the rest of the country. reports that most of the Alabama firms questioned in the report say they are seeking hourly craft positions, and more than half are looking for salaried field and office workers.

They say some of the positions that are getting harder to fill are carpenters, pipefitters, welders, truck drivers, painters and iron and concrete workers, among others.

Almost 70% of the companies surveyed said they have increased base pay rates to attract more talent. According to the report, these hiring problems are affecting construction work in Alabama.

Most of the construction firms reported that their projects are taking longer than projected and about half say prices have gone up for contracts and bids.

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