Nurse midwife attends births at Huntsville Hospital for the first time in 30 years

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Tiffany Golub, a certified nurse-midwife at Women4Women OBGYN, says that for a lot of women birth can be very normal and uncomplicated if you let it. She explained that a lot of people are glad to have that option for less intervention, more hands-off type care.

Normal and uncomplicated doesn't always mean at home. Ninety percent of certified nurse-midwives do in-hospital births.

"There's a lot of patients that desire unmedicated births, and like the support they get from a midwife," Golub said.

Being in the hospital allows mothers the comfort of knowing if there is a complication, everything needed for treatment is already there.

"High-risk abnormal situations, the more complicated stuff, that's what physicians do a great job with," Golub said. "We're experts in the normal birth field and they're experts in the complicated."

A certified nurse-midwife helps a mother even before they check in to the hospital.

"Longer appointment times, more education, more one on one time with them at the bedside during their hospitalization," Golub explained.

Golub was able to help a family that were the first to share their experience with a nurse-midwife at Huntsville Hospital. The mother was induced for her first two babies and wanted a different kind of birth story for her third.

Golub said the mother came to her early in the pregnancy really wanting an unmedicated, non-induction birth. The mother decided to have a certified nurse-midwife attend the birth of her daughter in hopes of having a natural childbirth with the support of a midwife in the safety of a hospital.

"Ultimately she got the experience she really wanted and we had resources if we needed it, but everything went great," Golub said.

Golub hopes that her position opens the door for more nurse-midwives to have the opportunity to practice in North Alabama.

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