Wendy’s giving away 2 million spicy nuggets on Doordash. 

The 2017 discontinuation of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets had fans of the fast-food favorite asking, “where’s the poultry?”

Well, the hot-nuggs are back — in a big way.

Wendy’s brought back spicy chicken nuggets on Monday and now the chain is giving away two million of them for free.

To get the FREE spicy nuggets, you have to order through door dash and use the code “spicy-nuggs” at checkout.

The specific number is a tribute to the two million people who helped push the item back onto the menu.

Wendy’s promised in May it would resume selling spicy chicken nuggets if two million people liked a tweet suggesting their return. The chain’s fans followed through and made the dream come true.

The deal lasts through August 18th or while supplies last.


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