Rodney Smith Jr. starts his “Mowing with Cops” tour

Rodney Smith Jr. has been mowing the nation by storm since 2015.

Smith took to Facebook to announce his new 50 state mowing tour called “Mowing with Cops”. On Tuesday, August 13th, Smith will be making his way to Florida to kick off the new tour by mowing 1-2 lawns in each state for the elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans.

In addition to mowing yards, Rodney said he will be inviting police officers to come out and mow with a special police mower designed by Smith. He says his goal is “not just to have officers mow with me and to thank them for their service, but to also bring the community together around those who serve and protect us.”

Rodney says he dreamed of being a police officer but God had other plans.

Smith says if you know of anyone who is elderly, disabled, a single parent, or a veteran that has a lawn he could mow, please check with them first to see if it’s okay, and then submit a form.

If you know of any officers/or are one yourself, and would like to mow with Smith when he visits your city, send him a text at (256) 631-8660.

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