Mason Dixon Bakery provides gluten-free options for community

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This week is Restaurant Week in Huntsville and at just about every place, there is a story to tell. If you met Ashley Ramirez, owner of Mason Dixon Bakery, you'd say she was meant to be a chef.

"The service that we're providing for the community, it's completely fulfilling and I love it," said Ashley Ramirez.

She received her Doctorate in Chemistry and moved to Huntsville to work on Redstone Arsenal. Cooking became a passion of hers, partly because she had to do it.

"I got really sick in college and became extremely anemic," said Ashley.

About 12 years ago she found out she was Celiac and her options became limited when she would go out to eat.

"You know exposure for what gluten does is basically it damages the lining to your small intestine so you can't absorb the nutrients you need," said Ashley.

Her job at Redstone Arsenal didn't work out, but her passion for experimenting continued to show, just not in the lab. Ashley began experimenting in the kitchen, and Mason Dixon Bakery was created.

At Mason Dixon Bakery, it isn't just about serving gluten-free breads and pastries. It's also about an overall healthy lifestyle.

"What you put into your body is what's going to allow you to keep up and keep going and be the professional that you need to be and keep you grounded," said Ashley.

If you find yourself at Mason Dixon Bakery, you'll be able to grab a donut, loaf of bread, and even a salad or burger. The best part is that it's all gluten-free.

"It's very important for us to maintain a dedicated gluten free facility just so that there is no risk of cross contamination. We make sure people feel safe and confident to come and eat here," said Ashley.

That way everyone who comes through the door can have the freedom to eat whatever is on the menu. Mason Dixon Bakery is one of many restaurants offering special deals for Restaurant Week.

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