Huntsville police officer killed in Friday afternoon shooting

Tuberville visits entrepreneurial incubator in Decatur, discusses workforce development

DECATUR, Ala. – Senate hopeful and former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville made a stop in Decatur Thursday morning. He toured a business incubator known as the Entrepreneurial Center.

The building, which hosts many startups and offices, gave Tuberville a peek into daily operations of many independent businesses.

The candidate said the visit reinforced the importance of making sure young people have workforce options because college isn’t for everyone.

“You go, you build friends, but you get out, you get in debt and you look up and with the degree, you’ve gotten, you can’t get a job. So, we have to start workforce development in this state,” Tuberville explained. “We’ve got to get young people interested in what they want to do starting at least in the 9th grade.”

Tuberville said during visits he also makes a point to visit courthouses and restaurants in each city,  so he can get a feel for the people and what each place needs.

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