Decatur Utilities ‘smoke testing’ sewer facilities for two months

DECATUR, Ala. – Decatur Utilities will conduct “smoke testing” of sewer facilities in several areas of SE Decatur.

Starting on Monday, August 12th and for approximately two months smoke may be seen coming out of the ground, roof vents, building foundations, clean-outs, downspouts, manhole covers or broken sewer lines during testing.

DU says this is a normal part of the testing process and helps DU identify problems within the sewer system. DU also says the smoke is odorless and safe, leaving no residues, stains, and having no adverse effect on people, animals, or plants.

According to DU,  this testing will be taking place in the shaded area on the map.Customers in the general testing area have received a notification via mail, according to DU. In addition, DU says door hangers will be left on houses 48 hours prior to testing in their specific area.

For more information visit,

Customers are asked to contact DU at 256-552-1400 Ext. 1444 if they have questions regarding this process.

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