YOUR PHOTOS: Rainbows and Crepuscular Rays Brighten Up The Skies

Storms in the summer can dampen our plans, but they can also set us up for splendid views behind the rain! One of the most common sights of course being rainbows, which popped up all over the Tennessee Valley on Saturday:

Rainbows form when light enters a water droplet and is broken into its colored components. Those colors form the rainbows that we see. Saturday a lot of folks noticed double rainbows too; formally speaking all rainbows come as double rainbows, but the second bow is usually too faint for us to see!

The sun’s rays can create more than rainbows though. Storm clouds also helped form crepuscular rays, which are rays of light that appear to radiate from the sun:

Crepuscular Rays Over Scottsboro (Image: Samantha Tubbs)

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