Crossville woman reacts to mass shooting in her former hometown of Dayton

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CROSSVILLE, Ala. - Alabama lawmakers are sharing their condolences to the communities of El Paso and Dayton.

Governor Kay Ivey, Senator Doug Jones, and Senator Richard Shelby acknowledged the mass shootings. Each of them condemned the acts of violence.

A Crossville woman who previously lived in Dayton agrees with lawmakers, saying now is the time for our nation to come together.

Jennifer Koch says today she's thinking of her past when she lived in Dayton, Ohio some 20 years back.

When she woke up Sunday morning and saw the headlines Koch says she wasn't shocked, instead she was infuriated that more lives have been lost in another mass shooting.

"We've got to figure out what the underlying issue is that runs through the core of this nation. We as the nation have got to figure it out," said Koch.

She says she used to walk through the Oregon District as a teenager without any problems, but now she feels that with the current process to obtain a gun, it's a risk to go anywhere.

"I think they need to go deeper into the vetting process and do some mental background checks," said Koch.

She says when she looked on Facebook, instead of seeing people come together to come up with solutions, she saw people fighting over politics.

"People are saying on both sides that it's the republicans that are causing this, or it's the democrats. I don't feel that it is a political issue or anything, it's something much, much deeper," explained Koch.

She says she's keeping her thoughts and prayers for all involved, but she hopes that everyone will come together in this time of darkness.

"Put aside differences that everybody has you know, and be there for one another."

WHNT News 19 is committed to bringing you the latest information in these mass shooting investigations. As well as reaction from lawmakers during this tragic and politically charged time.

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