School bus GPS tracking app coming to Madison

MADISON, Ala. - Madison City Schools Transportation Department will soon be releasing a school bus GPS tracking app.

With many students heading back to school, some parents worry about the safety of their child. But with the release of this new app, it has the possibility to give parents peace of mind.

The system is called EDULOG. It gives parents the ability to track their child's school bus.

It will provide the exact times of bus stops in the morning and afternoon. It will also give administrators a better way to track and plan bus routes to be most efficient.

MCS Transportation Coordinator John Wilson says parents should be excited to have this new information at their fingertips.

"Speaking as a parent myself, it just gives me feedback as far as the amount traveled, the time traveled, to ensure we are using the best possible means to get them home safest, the quickest possible, the best route possible," Wilson said.

Wilson says they are optimistic about getting the school bus GPS app up and running by the start of the second semester of the upcoming year.

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