Law enforcement agencies combine record management systems in Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Madison County Commission signed off on $1.2 million decision to integrate the Madison County Sheriffs Office's record management systems with Huntsville Police and Madison City Police.

Officials say this system will combine information and help solve crimes more efficiently. It will also be implemented into jail management to eliminate duplication of paperwork.

"HPD, Madison, Madison County Sheriff's office. We all serve the same jurisdiction. We all deal with the same criminals. They don't know jurisdiction lines," says Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner.

Sheriff Kevin Turner says Madison, Huntsville, and Madison County all need the means to communicate and share information for the safety of law enforcement officers.

"When you get a call as a police officer, it will red flag that address if you've had any previous calls there or anyone there that is got any type of criminal history," says Sheriff Turner.

Right now, deputies have to fill out an incident report at the scene of a crime, and if they arrest someone there is additional paperwork to fill out at the jail. This system will save time.

"When you populate those areas on the screen when you do your incident report it's gonna automatically populate their arrest report. Which allows us to get our officers back on the street in a lot faster way," says Sheriff Turner.

Sheriff Turner says each agency will have the ability to lock certain records.

"There's an avenue there for that particular investigator or officer to privatize what they're working on. So that we can effectively arrest a little bit better or a little bit quicker," says Sheriff Turner.

Officials say through this new system the three law enforcement agencies will be able to share information and data.

They say this will make fighting crime and the investigation process more efficient. The new system will also improve safety for deputies and police.

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