YOUR PHOTOS: Rainbows pop up around the Valley following Monday’s rain

Scattered hit-or-miss downpours over the weekend and through Monday gave us a lot of opportunities for rainbows to form! As drier air filters in for the rest of the week, we won’t see any more rainbows for a while. Fortunately, you can still look back on the colorful sights sent in from our WHNT News 19 viewers!

Rainbows form when light enters a water droplet and is broken into its colored components. Those colors form the rainbows that we see.

In some instances actual ‘rain’ doesn’t even need to be present; Virga – rain that evaporates before making it to the ground – can produce rainbows as well. This can be seen in Linda Givens photo from Rainsville Monday afternoon:

Virgabow captured in Rainsville (Image: Linda Givens)

Since rain droplets are present well above the surface, a rainbow – or a ‘virgabow’ still forms.


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