Some free A/C Wednesday morning!

A cold front passing through Alabama slowly dropped the humidity, lowered the temperature, and brought back the sunshine on Tuesday. This break from the excessively hot, humid weather won’t last long, so enjoy it while you can! Temperatures drop into the 60s for most of us tonight; however, a few spots may briefly dip into the upper 50s in the usual ‘cool’ spots especially north of Huntsville into Tennessee.

Huntsville’s forecast low of 60ºF is only 2ºF warmer than the record low of 58ºF set in 1927!

This drier, more comfortable air brings more of a September-style feel to the air here in late July. Expect comfortably cool nights and warm, sunny, dry days ahead with zero threat of any rain or storms until the weekend.

Did you get enough rain? A reporting station 4 miles southeast of Downtown Decatur measured 9.61” of rain in the past two weeks. Huntsville International measured 3.18” of rain, and Guntersville only got 1.10” in that same period.

So with all of those daily rain and thunderstorms, there was a difference of 8.51” of total rainfall over the space of 40 miles; that’s huge, and it should be a good example of how impossible it is to be precise with thunderstorm forecasts. We are good at recognizing the environment, but there is no way to pinpoint something like that!

Two weeks’ worth of rainfall leave some barely damp and others flooded out!

Why? Incomplete information about ‘right now’ gives an incomplete vision of tomorrow. The atmosphere, for our purposes, is infinite. We can’t measure it fully, so it’s not possible to predict it precisely. Always keep that in mind when we talk about thunderstorms; take the forecast in general terms because thunderstorms often do things that can’t be predicted.

Weekend outlook: Planning to be outside this weekend? It won’t be quite as nice as the middle of this week, but it does look a lot like ‘average’ weather for this time of year.

Hotter, more humid air moving northbound from the Gulf of Mexico across Alabama into Tennessee this weekend. That will spark some isolated, hit-or-miss, disorganized and unevenly-distributed thunderstorms on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Timing? Saturday 1 PM to 8 PM (mainly south of the Huntsville-Decatur area). Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM (area-wide). It won’t rain the whole time; however, you should be prepared to be flexible with your plans just in case a brief downpour with some lightning comes into your area.

Storms in the distance: An interesting, almost June-like pattern develops next week: a strong ridge (high) in the west and thunderstorms roaming round the outskirts of it. It makes the weather hot, humid and occasionally stormy; those storms can come in waves, and our rain chances will depend heavily on exactly where those ‘waves’ set up! We’ll keep an eye on it for you.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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