Dangerous Heat Across Much Of the Country This Weekend

I know we’ve had our fair share of rain lately. We would like more sunshine and dry weather to enjoy outside activities. We need to be thankful we aren’t seeing what our neighbors are across the Middle Atlantic, Ohio Valley, and Midwest Friday into the weekend. High temperatures across these regions reach the 100 degree mark with heat indices around 110 for places like Washington, D.C., St. Louis, and Kansas City. This is very dangerous where heat exhaustion can occur in minutes under strenuous activity.

A large part of country is under a *Heat Advisory* or *Excessive Heat Warning* from Friday into the weekend.

Check out some of the highs and heat index values for Friday afternoon. Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. are just a few of the big cities to experience a “feels like” temperature of around 110° Friday afternoon. This area is around 800 square miles of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings!



Thankfully here in the Tennessee Valley we aren’t expecting temperatures that hot. No heat advisory here or excessive heat warning. It will still be hot enough to cause problems if you don’t take your heat precautions this afternoon through the weekend. A heat index between 100°-104° is nothing to take lightly.


It’s important to remember heat safety! Here are some examples on what happens if you leave children or pets in a hot car. It doesn’t take long for vehicles to get to temperature well above 100° even with the windows cracked. Always check your backseat and set any reminder you can not to leave anyone in your car in the summer months.

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