Madison Police: Standoff over, person inside home sent to hospital

Person barricaded inside a home on Kyser Blvd.

MADISON, Ala. – The Madison Police say a standoff ended after more than an hour at the Charleston Oaks Apartments.

Officers responded to the home on Kyser Blvd. around 2:30 Tuesday in response to a call about someone who was suicidal. They say officers saw a gun through the bedroom window then they heard a gunshot. Sgt. Lamar Anderson with the Madison Police Department says it wasn’t immediately clear if the person was shooting towards officers, so the officers ran for cover.

Anderson says they made contact with neighbors to make sure they were safe, then waited for a tactical team to arrive. the team forced their way into the apartment around 3:45.

Madison Police say paramedics rushed the person to the hospital in serious condition. They say the person had one self-inflicted gunshot wound.


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