Heidi Collier talks legacy of scientists who led Saturn V development

Heidi Collier is the daughter of one of the original German rocket scientists who moved to Huntsville in 1950.

You could say she’s the keeper of the legacy for all the work her father and the others did in their time – first with the Army, and then the Marshall Space Flight Center, building the Saturn V moon rocket. Some of the workers even carpooled, leading to – in Collier’s words – “something interesting.”

“My father was in a carpool, and we teased about that and some others. Hans Finshner has said they tried to get in a carpool with Von Braun and quickly found out that didn’t work because his hours were so off, and he was dropped out of the carpool within two weeks. Okay, who was it who dropped him out? They said nobody could. Was it because he was going in too early or staying too late or both? He wouldn’t come out to the car when the car came to pick him up, so they took off and left him one morning. They said who was that and no one would fess up.”

You can watch our entire interview with Collier below:

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