How did Huntsville become the Rocket City?

Photo courtesy NASA

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There are plenty of questions to ask in this time of celebration of the Apollo 11 moon mission.

How did Huntsville become the Rocket City? When did work begin at Redstone Arsenal on rockets?  What about missiles?  When did the German rocket scientists get here?  What made Wernher von Braun so important?

How did America get its first satellite in space?  When did Marshall Space Flight Center join NASA and, for that matter, who worked there?  What made President Kennedy think we could actually land on the Moon in the 1960s?  How hard was it to build the Saturn V?

Was Apollo 8 a big deal, and why were some people at NASA scared about the safety of the astronauts on that mission?

What about Apollo 11? Were there any worries about the mission?  What did it mean then? What does it mean now?

Look for all those answers and more, Friday evening at 6:30 on WHNT News 19. Join us for “Rocket City Liftoff, the Apollo 11 Moonshot.”

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