School Delays across the Tennessee Valley

Hydrofest continues, rain or shine

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - After having bad luck with weather in the past, the event organizer for Hydrofest, Katy Norton, is hoping for better weather this year.

"We really are hoping for good days on Saturday and Sunday," said Norton.

The storms didn't hold off on Friday and the tests and qualifications had to be delayed for an hour. Norton says the rain isn't what causes delays for the races.

"Wind is the biggest issue. If we have high winds and we have white capping the boats cannot run in that kind of water," said Norton.

Norton says fans will still show out for the races even if there's a little precipitation because Guntersville's history is in the lake.

"In 1939 when they flooded the farmland here and created Lake Guntersville the first event to happen on this waterway was boat-racing."

You can see that the lake is important to the people of Guntersville, and it even brings together people all over the country.

Boaters like Bert Henderson say Lake Guntersville is one of their favorite lakes to race on.

"It's just like being in Talladega, you know, it's a two and a half mile awesome, awesome race course," explained Henderson.

But he says the people from Guntersville might have something to do with how he feels about the race.

"We love it down here, Guntersville puts on such an amazing show. I got to thank everybody down here with the southern hospitality that they give, it's just an awesome place to be," said Henderson.

Now Henderson and Norton just hope the storms won't bring too much wind over the weekend so there won't be any more delays.

For Hydrofest's schedule or to buy tickets you can go here.

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